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mitchejw US Politics Thread

true dat

+ 64 weeks ago
harmon420 GNR.FM | Destruction Is Coming


+ 67 weeks ago
Axlin16 alice in chains & guns n' roses

excellent observation. spot on.

+ 67 weeks ago
PaSnow Tom Petty has died

Funny story about calling to see if Axl was on Full Moon Fever

+ 97 weeks ago
dalethirsty Headbangers Ball, Hair Metal & Grunge

nothing better than watching old wrestling clips lol

+ 100 weeks ago
PaSnow Hurricane Harvey


+ 102 weeks ago
mitchejw Baz recalls Download 06

ding ding

+ 107 weeks ago
monkeychow Amusement parks/fairs

I\'m old too lol

+ 108 weeks ago
mitchejw L.A. Guns release new video "Speed"

Thanks for the info

+ 109 weeks ago
Smoking Guns Chris Cornell dead

Badass shit.

+ 114 weeks ago
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