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Re: Mental girls

This girl got in touch with me on FB. I knew her slightly from waaaaay back. Quite cute, a bit "worn out" after kids and stuff.
Anyway, she went all in. Like fucking mental in love type of thing. She was all over me. Spamming me with messages. I tried to sneak in a few questions here and there, like if she actually wanted more kids. She was all for it. She was like that meme you see online with the webcam girl looking slightly mental.

So I'm like, nice, I'll get involved.

Three weeks later, and she comes down like a ton of bricks. She went as high as she went low. Suddenly she did a 180 degrees turn. She stops cold in her tracks. From being massively in love with me, and suddenly she only wants to be friends. I have no desire to be friends with her really so I said "friends are for losers" and big farewell.

My God what a fucking ride. That was mental. I didn't know these types existed. I'm telling you, I didn't do shit. She was just that mental.

Honestly, what an experience to see that mental state of mind up close.

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