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Bono World Tour Cancelled?

Hahahaha! So true

+ 726 weeks ago
Axlin16 Dj Ashba and Dizzy Reed: "We're working on a new album"

good to see you around again (even if you never left)

+ 735 weeks ago
Stepvhen Slash with

Incapable of making an actual well thought out point without resorting to BS belief systems.

- 755 weeks ago
RussTCB Rose won't let fans wear Slash

"Just go and enjoy the damn show and stop thinking of negative shit"

+ 755 weeks ago
RussTCB 29 years ago a music legend was taken away.

All You Need Is Love

+ 762 weeks ago
Stepvhen Found on Facebook

For having the balls to Stick up for the little guy when one of us regulars goes off

+ 764 weeks ago
Gong This Is It?

for words of wisdom

+ 765 weeks ago
Axlin16 If its the same old set list will you go??


+ 765 weeks ago
Bono how are the shows selling this time around?

haha! brought back  memories of mygnr days listening to nutswingers blindly accept that excuse.

+ 766 weeks ago
Axlin16 Request to GNR concerning their shows.


+ 767 weeks ago
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