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Axlin16 Creed Discussion

thx for the album recommendation

+ 529 weeks ago
monkeychow Ashba -- Worst Guitarist Ever in GnR ? -- TIL Youtube clip

Great vid thanks

+ 653 weeks ago
RussTCB Removed or deleted

Thanks, that helped.

+ 661 weeks ago
Stepvhen What Song Describes Your Current Mood?

alter bridge

+ 662 weeks ago
BLS-Pride Song Writing Thread

your song

+ 680 weeks ago
Olorin WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION Raise Pandemic Alert Level

He's alive!

+ 686 weeks ago
Neemo looking for a better picture of this

looking for me

+ 696 weeks ago
PaSnow Take Ten (list your 10 faves of any group)

Skynyrd.  Good call

+ 697 weeks ago
Olorin Weird...

Oh My God appreciation!

+ 697 weeks ago
nugdafied U2 - Acoustic Achtung Babies

for being a lame-o

- 700 weeks ago
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