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#1 Re: The Sunset Strip » Daily Hot Celebrity Piece of Ass Pic of the Day Thread » 534 weeks ago

Axlin12 wrote:

I literally laugh out loud some of the expectations of some of these girls, and it's penetrated even what guys find out out of celebrities anymore. Most of the "hot" girls that are supposed to be such a piece of ass, are insanely average. I see girls like Kaley Cuaco and Jennifer Lawrence literally every day, and I could care less.

This is where you and I are are vastly different. I find the girl next door type to be incredibly sexy. I don't find swimsuit models or playboy models hot. I just don't find the hollywood "bombshells" like Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Scarlette Johanson etc tc to be the drop dead gorgeus ones. It has nothing to do with my standards being lower it has everything to do with what I find attractive. Jennifer Lawrence is WAY hotter in my opinion than the Kate Upton types and I'll take Anna Kendrick over the Megan Fox types every single day of the week. I live in a  summer resort town and I see Megan Fox types all the time. They aren't anything special. What makes a celebrity special is our abliy to ee them ona regular basis and they become a fantasy.

#2 Re: Dust N' Bones & Cyborg Slunks » Bring Back Robin Finck "Tank" » 534 weeks ago

I like how the argument here is that since Slash didn't help create the music on CD he's not the right fit for it and wouldn't be abe to improve on what's there yet the same people who are saying this also believe that Robin has performed some of the all time greatest guitar solos better then the guy who created them. That being Slash's solos, solos Robin had no hand in creating. So Robin can play and interpret those songs and solos which he had no hand in creating better than the guy who created them while the idea of Slash creating something worthy or even better than what already exists on CD is blasphemy?

Riiiiiiiiiiight roll

#3 Re: The Garden » The Wrestling thread » 534 weeks ago

They gotta know a more edgy product = better ratings.

#4 Re: Dust N' Bones & Cyborg Slunks » Bring Back Robin Finck "Tank" » 534 weeks ago

johndivney wrote:

it never crossed my mind either that this should be in the old members section. it just seemed a natural enough place to discuss it, probably given the dearth of actual GnR news.
& in fact i'd say if the debate about Slash re-joining came up i'd prefer to see it in the main section too.
the discussions obv do belong in this section but it's really nitpicking & pedantic to get it moved, especially relatively soon after the debate was sparked. & more than that it's worrisome some use it as an excuse to bait others by alluding to shit that doesn't even exist except in the minds of those trying to troll a bit. so what we discussed robin possibly re-joining, people see it as some kind of agenda? fucking hell. some of you need to step away from the keyboard sometimes.. like, how fucking important is it to your life that a thread is in the wrong section of a message board? get a fucking grip, y'know? god forbid some accidentally posts about a film or tv show in the sports section!! bono's head might explode!

Holy fuck dude are you serious. You honestly think my main objective was to have the thread moved because it was burning my ass so much that it was in the wrong section? Unreal. I seriously do question the intelligence level of people somtimes. Did you not see my comment about how I don't really care where this thread was because it's all Guns N' Roses to me. My point wasn't about where this thread was. That was such a minor detail of the post I made making a bigger point. Do I actually care where this thread is located? Fuck no. I'm not even gonna explain it to you. Go back and read it and figure it out yourself. Honestly dude pull your head out and at least TRY to grasp what was being said.

#5 Re: Dust N' Bones & Cyborg Slunks » Bring Back Robin Finck "Tank" » 534 weeks ago

misterID wrote:

...Here's my what if/would have:

Slash would have sounded better on "This I Love" than Axl would have on "Fall To Pieces."

Axl would've sounded better on "Messages" than Slash would've on "Scraped"

#6 Re: The Garden » The Wrestling thread » 534 weeks ago

Yeah the piledriver was crazy. Haven't seen one of those in WWE/WWF for a long while. Even the way Lawler announced it you could tell he was surprised by it.

I did notice a few weeks back that the Rock was saying things in promos that were like "whoa" cause it's been so tame for so long and you just don't expect certain words anymore.

Brock was cut for real no doubt. Total accident I think. There's no way they go from PG no blood to Attitude era violence in the blink of an eye. I thought it was great though.

I've been wasting hours on a  consistent basis the last few weeks watching old attitude era clips on youtube and man the difference in quality and entertainment value from back then to now is so night and day.  That Attitude era and the few years leading up to it were pure gold. No wonder even non wrestling fans got into it.  Back when heels were truly badass but still got massive pops, back when we didn't know who was gonna win but the right guy always seemed to win it because the next story line that unfolded was almost perfect every time. Back when guys promos seemed real because they were talented enough to wing it almost every single time. Back when Twitter didn't exist and the promos werent based on getting things trending. 

They should use this HHH vs Brock fued to lead the charge back to those days. They've got some guys that could totally help. Strike while the iron is hot. Have the Shield play a role, let Punk loose on the mic, have Cena go completely heel but still play up his good guy role. Cena's character is interesting. On one hand I fucking hate it nd he's so lamein his delivery of it but on the other hand it has so much potential. Kids and girls love him. Older males(15+) hate him but wouldn't it be great to reverse that and I think there's the potential to do that. Nothing works better for a heel turn than letting down the kids.

Sheamus I think could work great in an attitude era type setting so could Zigler and Bryan. Obviously Jericho. Miz is not bad. Something switched in me and I'm kinda liking Delrio now.

They have a hand full of guys that could make it work.


#7 Re: The Garden » The Wrestling thread » 534 weeks ago

Is it just me or did it look like Triple H had literally pissed his pants last night. Like not from an acting stand point but literally like he pissed his pants or had some weird masive ass sweat going on?

Here's the best footage I can find because WWE has edited it already because of the blood

I found it funny last night how there was so much blood and this brawl as fairly violent. Then the Cena v Punk match had an old school vibe to it that felt like a PPV I also forgot I did actually watch the part with Delrio and Swagger and thought to myslf it's pretty touchey subject matter for PG era. Made me wonder for a bit if maybe, just maybe last night might've been the begining of a change indirection for the company...... just a thought. Would love it if they did change it up.

#8 Re: Dust N' Bones & Cyborg Slunks » Bring Back Robin Finck "Tank" » 534 weeks ago

The problem isn't the guitar players. The problem is Axl Rose.

the following are all pro shot. Enjoy 9




#9 Re: The Garden » The Wrestling thread » 534 weeks ago

Cena vs Punk last night was awesome. That match literally did have a WM feel to it. It was really entertaining and I knew Cena was going to win but at times they had me wondering. That's hard to do in this day and age when we all know for the most part how it's going to play out. I find it so hilarious when you can hear the specific demographics of fans cheering during the match

All the women and all the kids under the age of 15: "Let's Go Cena!"

Every guy over the age of 14: "CM PUNK!"

You can literally hear the difference in voices when that alternating chant went up.

Anyways great start and finish to RAW last night and I didn't watch anything in between 16

#10 Re: Dust N' Bones & Cyborg Slunks » Bring Back Robin Finck "Tank" » 534 weeks ago

Exactly Metallex.

RussTCB wrote:

No need to drop the "principles" line. This thread being in the GN'R section for a couple days has less to do with principles and more to do with human error. A simple "Could this be moved to the Ex-Gunners section?" would have sufficed.

In any case, I'll move it now.

I'm not bringing the principles of it into this based on where this thread was posted per se. That's something I really don't care about. I really don't because to me it's all Guns N' Roses.

I'm more drawing attention to the fact that mere weeks ago many of us were accused of being too negative, not suportive enough of the new band and yet a few weeks later the very people who complained about that are the ones expressing a desire to have the old 2002 lineup back while those who were accused of being too negative are the ones who are saying no we want this band to do somthing. It's all a bit odd no?  Honestly one of the biggest head scratchers I've seen on this site or any site really.

And I still say give me 13 years and NO budget and I could write a better song than IRS 16


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