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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » The General and Monsters » 32 weeks ago

BLS-Pride wrote:
Furbush wrote:

Lil help?

Blast from the past. Welcome back dude.

You know how it goes.
We always end up back here. ?

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » Hardschool single coming September 24th. » 143 weeks ago

Fuck this shit
Robin Finck is rolling in his grave.

I need to simultaneously talk shit about and praise the fact that they used the exact same vocal track from fucking 20 years ago.
On one hand, it's so fucking lazy. On the other? It was my favorite part of the song since I heard 7 seconds of it 15 years ago.

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » Slash casually refers to a new GNR record in a vague non committal way » 181 weeks ago

James wrote:
ClaudeF wrote:

James, you said, "We found out from Dizzy that during the 2002-06 period, the band was never in the same room together."

That blows me away. I honestly thought all was well behind the scenes. When did he say that?

In an interview before the Hammerstein shows. It might be buried in CD Whispers.

I  think a pandemic release doesn't make sense for them though

Funny how there's never a good time for a release....and their fans come up with more creative and elaborate excuses than the band does.

More people than at any point in history are sitting at home....glued to the internet.

A new song/album could've ignited a huge buzz during downtime and carried them through the rest of the pandemic... like other major acts have done.

Or how about a small live set? Even the Stones did something during the pandemic.

No money in it though.

I don’t think they can do the stadium tour every year without SOMETHING. But i think they’ll wait for the data for that

It won't happen every year.

The Stones take breaks too.

I’d have a lot more respect for them if they  were more transparent. I don’t think the media gives enough of a shit about them to discredit, print mistruths or build unrealistic expectations. If they were honest enough to say ‘we tried writing, it’s not working’ but we want to be able to play live I’d be cool with that. Too old to care now.

In hindsight I believe he should've pulled a Billy Joel and told everyone he was done creatively and he would just tour the hits.

He became a nostalgia act anyways and it would've removed the pressure and the tension with his fan base.

Yeah the media isn't jumping aboard again. They didn't bother talking about CD II(no reason to) and they won't do it this time either.

The media caught on to what it was really about before the fans did.

If a song/album comes out... they'll cover it.

Nothing until then.

They don't give the media a reason to care anyways. The band and the vibe surrounding them is completely sterile.

A fine tuned unit goes onstage, busts out the hits, leaves the stage. No promos, no substantial interviews, no news, nothing.

Repeat until retirement.

Even if they do more anniversary/vault releases, it won't be accompanied by a promotional jaunt.

They could've made that AFD release really special but they didn't. It wasn't worth their time.

Speaking of being too old, I believe that the aging fan base helps fuel the direction this went and will continue.

They no longer have a rabid, hardcore base. Their fan forums combined have a grand total of a few hundred active users. They have ditched the forums and have a presence on social media....which clearly caters to a very casual audience.

Last year when the biggest leak in the band's history occurred showing the progress of the Chinese saga warts and all, it only increased forum activity by a couple hundred users temporarily and was never mentioned by the band or media.

That fact in itself tells you what the band's priorities are. It also reveals that most people interested in GNR don't care.

The Zoot leak was the best/worst thing to happen to in terms of Guns

It should've happened 10-15 years earlier than it did. It had the potential to be a game changer. A leak of that magnitude could've forced some sort of release.

Imagine that leaking in 2004-5.

You're right peeled back the event horizon surrounding the project and showed that for a brief period of time, those early CD lineups were cooking up something special.

What could've been....

It was always Hell Freezes Over 2.

While I initially had hope that it might go in the direction of the Soundgarden reunion, it didn't take long to reveal it's true purpose.

The name was the clue. He knew it when he said it. The fate of the "Not in this Lifetime" line was the 21st century's Hell Freezes Over.

Once the various solo careers of the Eagles was dealt a blow from the law of diminishing returns, they didn't waste any time getting the gang back together.

At least Eagles fans got a killer live album with two new songs right out the gate and a new album later on.

Cornell has released more stuff posthumously.
I can’t wait for them to sort out the situation with the Soundgarden material.

Seriously.. when those tracks were trickling  out.. After the first couple of batches? I had a killer EP playlist that they could easily make happen.

Hard school
As I Began
State Of Grace

Gives me goosebumps.

#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » Slash casually refers to a new GNR record in a vague non committal way » 181 weeks ago

The Zoot leak was the best/worst thing to happen to in terms of Guns. It’s all there. The 3 disc version of CD would have been incredible. Sooo much stuff was no longer theoretical. And even the instrumental songs were bangers.
But wtf. Especially with the pandemic.
2 weeks tops of Duff and slash putting some fingerprints on them shits, and there’s at least an EP ready to go with minimal effort.
This is proof.
It was always Hell Freezes Over 2.
They still hate each other, but the checks are too big.

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » Matt Sorum's book leaks online. » 181 weeks ago

James wrote:
FlashFlood wrote:

So Matt Sorum, a non-original member, got to speak at this thing? On television? Yeesh.

It was a cluster fuck. I haven't watched it since it happened but I'm pretty sure Adler was standing right next to him when he said it.

It was uncalled for and he had no right to say it. Everybody knows why Sorum got the job. I think they laughed it off but that's beside the point.

Slash should've interrupted him and told him to shut up.

While Slash never understood the leverage he had, Sorum never seemed to understand his place...the bottom of the totem pole.

Sorum's peacocking aside... He's never understood that they all only ever thought of him as an "additional musician"

I'd still take him instead of Frank. In an instant. Frank is dogshit. I haven't touched a drum kit in over a decade and could play that setlist better than him right now.

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » Matt Sorum's book leaks online. » 181 weeks ago

FlashFlood wrote:
slashsfro wrote:

I read through most of the GNR section of his book today.  The interesting thing is that it basically paints Slash as being sort of a two face and Duff as spineless (sound familiar?).

Speaking of which, one of the last chapters of the book is about Duff and let's just say I lost a lot of respect for him.  He even bad mouths Frank (Duff does).  I ended up empathizing a lot with Matt Sorum (not my favorite GNR member)  during that entire chapter.  Just brutal to read.

The Frank part to me reeks of sour grapes but I haven’t read it. Any more detail?

No doubt it's mostly sour grapes.
He's not wrong, though. I don't know exactly what it is... but he ruins every song in some goofball way.

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » anyone hear the atlas clip leak » 256 weeks ago

I have Atlas and Hard School. Anything else, someone let me know.  I keep hearing that all of this stuff is becoming available this weekend?

Evo OGs, hit me up if you need the 2 things I have.

. Atlas is pretty great. I've had that minute long clip on a loop for an hour. 
I've always loved HS... even when it was only 7 seconds. Goosebumps. Always. God.... If this all dropped in 02, Nu Guns would have slayed the world.

Also... I just recently got into Discord. Someone wanna send me an invite? Pretty please?

#9 Re: Guns N' Roses » It's So Easy | Music Video Discussion » 316 weeks ago

They removed a ton of the Erin footage. This bums me out. 1989 Erin Everly is sooo goddamned sexy. At least the kept a bunch of the ass shots. The proto-twerking at the beginning of the song makes me have funny feelings in my no-no parts.

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » GNR.FM | Destruction Is Coming » 318 weeks ago

johndivney wrote:

It's a money grab. Just like the money grab tour, money grab fashion event, and money grab merch factory.

I wanted CDII. I never wanted a reunion because I knew it'd be what it is.

I'd pay a grand for the 4 album version of Chinese Democracy before I'd pay half of that of the Appetite box. I realize I'm in the extreme minority, but I don't care. 
As soon as it  became clear Izzy wasn't involved with the reunion, it was obvious that new material wasn't forthcoming. There's no excuse for this shit, and motherfuckers are going to let them off the hook by forking over their money. After the first year of touring, when the whole thing is no longer a secret, if they had any respect for their fans, they should have gone into a studio and banged out a few new tracks.
The fact that Slash and Duff have zero issue playing CD material live only makes it worse. There are whoknowshowmany unreleased/unheard finished tracks from the CD sessions they could have recorded with the current lineup in no time at all. Even that kind of half-assed gesture would have earned a ton of respect from me.
Vacation, then back through the states. This time in smaller venues, with basically the same set list.
They'll sooner go make records with their secondary projects and put together some overpriced nostalgia milking AFD box set  before they'll just get together somewhere like a real band and jam for a couple of months?
What the fuck...

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