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that's what i'm trying to figure out. i'm assuming that most of these are either the same tracks labeled differently or fan remixes but going through and listening to everything over and over to find differences is driving me a bit crazy. that's why i'm hoping someone might have a definitive list of what was a true track right from the band and what might be labeled differently or tweaked in some way.

#2 Guns N' Roses » Would love some expert help » 54 weeks ago

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Hi everyone - been a long time lurker here and really enjoy this board. In an effort to not drive myself completely crazy, I was wondering if I could get some info from the knowledgeable die hards here. Out of all of the leaks, I'm trying to find one or two versions of each song that might be different enough (track, solos, players, etc.) to keep on my "current GnR playlist". The problem is, most of the tracks that we have all gotten have been labeled slightly differently but might still the same versions. I'm not talking about the Village tracks that are very well labeled, I'm talking more about the tracks that were out before the big drop of leaks last year or leading up to it.

Using Perhaps as an example, I have:
Perhaps - Single Song Leaks
Perhaps - Rough Mixes CD #1
Perhaps - 2019-09-13 leak
Perhaps - Who Is General Tso?
Perhaps - The Village Sessions
Perhaps - Village Remixed
Perhaps - Chinese Leftovers
(are any of these the Brian May track?)

Obviously my main track would be Rough Mixes CD #1 as that's straight from the source but are these others legit tracks and are any of them different enough to warrant keeping them on the active list?

Other "versions" of leaks I have are listed from:
Chinese Democracy (10th Anniversary)
Chinese Democracy Demos
Chinese Democracy Mixes N' Remixes
Chinese Democracy Unreleased 6/1/01
Chinese Leftovers
Single Song Leaks

Really just trying to figure out what's real, what hasn't been messed with from fans and what are legit tracks that I should keep (i'm getting rid of anything, i just don't need 20 tracks of Rhiad on my phone).

I realize this is a long ass email, I just figured that someone much more knowledgeable than myself has probably gone through this as well and could provide me a roadmap.

Thank you everyone!

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » 105 page PDF (document from The Chairman) LEAK » 62 weeks ago

Could I get a PM please? Long weekend is perfect to read this

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