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#1 Re: The Sunset Strip » What Are You Listening To? » 24 weeks ago

Really digging this guy, nice guitar solo.

#4 GN'R Downloads » |FLAC/MKV| Brasília Selects - AWOS » 27 weeks ago

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A Week Or So Presents : Not In This Lifetime Selects Brasilia - 2016


#5 Re: GN'R Downloads » Shackler's Revenge With Bucket. » 44 weeks ago

i thought it added a more industrial vibe to the song i liked it, but in the original mogg u can hear buried under the rhythm guitar the final solo and from what i can hear its similar to Ron's solo .

#8 Re: GN'R Downloads » Chinese Democracy (10th Anniversary) » 46 weeks ago

CD i got pt sessions so i didnt lose them but i had to open and mixdown again and i a bit lazy atm, here one more.
Shackler's Revenge

#9 Re: GN'R Downloads » Chinese Democracy (10th Anniversary) » 46 weeks ago

There Was A Time

I lost all my GN'R stuff last month and i didnt back up them only few things.

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