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Re: 12 GN'R shows in Las Vegas

Scabbie wrote:

we might be lucky to get one Axl sighting in a series.

I'd stay up for the bucket head episode!

Who's at the door? It's slash, quick hide!

So many possibilities!

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Re: 12 GN'R shows in Las Vegas

monkeychow wrote:
misterID wrote:

It doesn't matter if he consults her, it's all his decision. She's not going to have a say in what he does or doesn't decide to do. And yeah, he can flip out on Beta, too.

The end result is his decision - BASED ON WHAT HE IS TOLD HAPPENS - but if things happen that are hidden from him - then she can have a lot of power about what he does and doesn't decide to do.

For example:

1. Eddie Trunk Video - Axl was not told about it until after the show so as not to rattle him and detract from that nights show. So it went ahead because Axl decided it was fine to do, after it passed Beta's pre-screening of what he should know and at what stage. If Beta thought it was damaging to Axl then maybe she just doesn't tell him at all.

2. The Duff story in london where he is being refused access to Axl because he is "in the shower" until duff pushes his way in anyway and finds Axl not in the shower. Beta chooses who is best to see Axl and when and if it will upset him. But if Duff had taken what he was told and gone away - would Axl even be told he'd stopped by? And how would it be phrased? Which messages are passed on and with what emphasis when there's some room for doubt?

As the person who controls all access to Axl and drip feeds most information to him - she has a LOT of power....yes the end choices are his decision...and in the wider sense the blame could be appointed to him for anointing her with that much power...but it doesn't change that the day to day choices are totally influenced by her even if they are his decision.

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Re: 12 GN'R shows in Las Vegas

RussTCB wrote:


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Re: 12 GN'R shows in Las Vegas

Axlin16 wrote:

Solid review

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Re: 12 GN'R shows in Las Vegas

From what I saw of the live footage. Everyone was in top form! Glad the reviews have been positive.

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