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Re: Curtain Call for the Old Guns '96

Ragnar wrote:

That Mank Rage shit is dreadful. I wonder what exactly Tobias did on Chinese Democracy as he has credits for the best stuff from the album.

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Re: Curtain Call for the Old Guns '96

monkeychow wrote:
Intercourse wrote:

With all of this you can see why Axl was doing what he was doing but you'd wonder if he just got in a room with these guys and worked hard instead of just trying to replace people, could they have had their eureka moment like U2 did with One and come back together better than ever?

Indeed. I think Axl's mistake was really giving a shit what the media thought.

It may have been in fashion to bag hard rock for a while, but who really cares, Ac/Dc always released similar sounding albums for decades and while people make snippy comments about it in the album reviews and in the media they always sell well.

Do the snakepit songs but with Axl changes, then do TIL and some of Axl's ballad type stuff and if it sounded too much like UYI3 then tell the media to go fuck themselves

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