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 Rep: 423 

Re: 2016 Presidential Election Thread

buzzsaw wrote:

You've got it backwards. I'm pretty sure I played nice for 150 pages or so.  I watched 3 or 4 people attack and gang up on anyone that disagreed with them for a long time without saying a word about it. At some point I had enough of it.

They have made no attempt to be civil in this whole thread. They bash the absolute fuck out of trump mercilessly. It's ugly and if they did that about a member of the band they would all have been banned already, but since it's trump it's perfectly fine. There's no attempt to be balanced, there's no mention of any of the numerous failures of Clinton. There's no attempt to have an actual discussion for 200+ pages. Anyone questions her at all and they all jump in to bury the person questioning her not by defending her but by attacking trump or the person. So they don't swear and that makes it okay or means they are being civil?  Bullshit.

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Re: 2016 Presidential Election Thread

polluxlm wrote:

Closing this until we can come up with something better.

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