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Smoking Guns
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Re: It's So Easy | Music Video Discussion

Smoking Guns wrote:
metallex78 wrote:
Walker wrote:
zombux wrote:

yup, Wanker has shut down the whole Lipeguns' channel, where many of "split screen" vids have been made for years.

I have nothing to do with the RIAA or IFPI removing videos. If you have a complaing about channels that host copyrighted material being shut down, I'd suggest contacting the RIAA by writing to or calling (202) 775-0101, or contacting the IFPI at 44 (0)20 7878 7900, as opposed to levelling accusations at a poster on a guns n' roses message board.

Stop sidetracking mate, we all know it’s you reporting these videos too.

Whether they are copyrighted or not isn’t the argument, it’s the fact that you are reporting videos that Guns fan base is absolutely loving seeing footage of.

And that is a cunt move.

That’s right, a bunch of double talking jive mother fuckers up in here. Walker and his friend, such a punk ass bitch move.

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Re: It's So Easy | Music Video Discussion

Furbush wrote:

They removed a ton of the Erin footage. This bums me out. 1989 Erin Everly is sooo goddamned sexy. At least the kept a bunch of the ass shots. The proto-twerking at the beginning of the song makes me have funny feelings in my no-no parts.

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Re: It's So Easy | Music Video Discussion

Axlrose14 wrote:

Wonder what erin thinks of this video now..

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