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Re: Chinese Democracy is 12 years old

Izzyjim wrote:

Back then I was a music store manager, and for several years,  every week when the guy from the record company would call and tell me about the new releases I'd ask about CD.

Of course I was fired two months before the album came out... (I still had a key, so I've managed to get a bunch of copies for my friends and family)

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Re: Chinese Democracy is 12 years old

monkeychow wrote:

I still really enjoy the songs and the album overall.

As an obsessive fan lol, it's haunted in my mind by the "what if" a few things were different. How would these songs be with slightly different arrangements? etc.

Mind you that's not an uncommon thought with GNR related stuff for me. I always wonder what Snakepit 95 would sound like with Axl, and what a third VR album might have sounded like if they could have got slash happier.

These days I wonder if we'll ever hear the other CD session stuff finished up.

In one of the parallel dimensions there must be a shit ton of GNR records.

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