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Re: Wtf happened to…Better

jimmythegent wrote:

One of the stronger tracks on the record. Robin's solo is one of the best of any of the guitarists on it. Like alot of the album, would have been nice to actually distinguish what Tommy is actually playing. As for Fortus? Can anyone actually tell me what parts he plays on this record?

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Re: Wtf happened to…Better

tejastech08 wrote:

Remember when "Better" was in that Black Sheep TV ad for Harley Davidson? Fanbase was super excited. This was not long after Axl went on the Eddie Trunk radio show and claimed the album would be released in Fall 2006. And then the whole thing fell apart. We were strung along every week by Axl's manager, who kept saying there were such and such number of Tuesdays left in the year. 16

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Re: Wtf happened to…Better

davegnfnr2k wrote:
James wrote:

In early 2006... the hardcore fans (including me) went ape shit over the leak. A mix between Vertigo and'll be their mega-comeback song......

Once I came back down to Earth, I saw it for what it was....

About three song ideas merged into one. It's a tad catchy yet abrasive. It's not a comeback single.

It also got worse with each leak to the point that the album version is literally noise pollution. The song exists in cut and paste hell. Noticeable even to non fans and it had no chance at radio play.

I'll never forget that story where a station was playing it, about 20-30 seconds in the DJ cut in, said "That's enough of that...", and played something else.

I still can't believe a handful of fans raved on its mixing/mastering. It's garbage.

The GNR camp were incompetent, imbecilic fucking idiots in 2006 for pulling that cease and desist crap when by a quirk of fate/lightning bolt from beyond, the Better leak was starting to chart in Boston and Los Angeles.

The GNR camp forced radio stations to kill their own buzz. It showed how they didn't have the slightest clue what they were doing.

It was even worse than when they pulled IRS off the Trunk show in 2003. That was a one time thing. With Better, it was quickly moving up the charts in two separate places..... meaning the leak was going viral.

The worst part of the cut and paste is franks cut and post over the song drum fils. They are so out of place and are louder than the rest of the drums.    I have not listen to the album version of better more than a handful of times.

Hell I have not listen to the album version of any CD song more than a couple of times. I just stick with the leaks and remixes.

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Re: Wtf happened to…Better

davegnfnr2k wrote:
James wrote:
Sky Dog wrote:

plus the ultimate mind fuck solo on faves from that show. bucket

Rio Madagascar is the peak of new GNR.

Buckethead is channeling Satan here.

It's unfortunate we'll never get the story on what led to this unconventional version of the solo.

If new GNR had become popular, released albums, etc...this performance would have found its way into the zeitgeist and would be looked upon as one of the most iconic solos.

Instead...only a handful of people give a shit.

I'd love to see the alternative universe where the album comes out a few months after this show.

The rio solo is the closest to the studio version.  Also Bh never played the same madagascar solo twice. All the live versions are two different.

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