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Re: Guns n roses played the general

dalethirsty wrote:
James wrote:

Something about The General coming out has a different feel than the other releases. I have a feeling they are wrapping up the CD era and they gave us the two songs most hardcore fans wanted the most.

you're right. in that slash interview from a while ago, he said there was only a handful of songs coming out that they "fixed up". the well might be dry.  i could see us maybe getting atlas shrugged, but that's about it.

axl also had a very strange way of introducing the song in the last show. i wonder what that's about - just pissed that it leaked?

the live version of this song sounds okay. i like how heavy and loud the orchestra parts are. pretty sweet seeing slash going nuts while playing the song. it looked like he had more fun on the general than the past few years of the tour combined.

overall, pretty crazy that they nailed a top 5 tour of all-time and also dropped the general at the end. never would have thought both were possible. 9

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