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Re: Overall feelings on the CD era songs....

Sky Dog wrote:

Coldplay just moved 700,000 units....ballads out the can be done. Laugh all you want, Gnr and this particular situation has a huge potential interest. The brand alone, curiousity...the key will be the first single. Either way, this thing does 400,000 or above the first week in the US. After that, it's a box a chocolates...we don't know what we are going to get.:buckethead:

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Re: Overall feelings on the CD era songs....

buzzsaw wrote:

Coldplay and GnR are completely different beasts.  Coldplay whether you like them or not have a lot more relevance today than GnR.

Smoking Guns
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Re: Overall feelings on the CD era songs....

Smoking Guns wrote:

Better and Chinese Democracy need to be the first 2 singles.  Both those songs fucking rock.  Both those songs show the badass Buckethead was.  Bucket was such a special player.  Eventhouh Ron I am sure can play ALL of Buckethead's stuff, like Slash, nobody can capture his feel well enough to do it justice I don't think.

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Re: Overall feelings on the CD era songs....

Neemo wrote:

one thing that i'm really finding disappointing is the quality of the vocal track...and i'm not talkign the quality of the actualy recording of it, like how axl sounds, i'm talking the actual production matter how hard you try or how loud you make it the vocals always have a part that is very muddy so that you cant really make out what he says...

IE. IRS "cheap hangover and your morning news" 2 - the highly debatible prostitute lyric...there are more i jsut cant think of them at the moment

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