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IRISH OS1R1S Current Events Thread

Enjoyed that chat. You are much better when not insulting and stuff. You are better than that. ±1

+ 3 days ago
buzzsaw Racial Discussion

thanks for participating

+ 15 weeks ago
IRISH OS1R1S US Politics Thread


+ 16 weeks ago
misterID US Politics Thread

Good post

+ 17 weeks ago
buzzsaw Covid 19


+ 20 weeks ago
IRISH OS1R1S US Politics Thread

Calling it as you saw it.

+ 24 weeks ago
buzzsaw US Politics Thread


+ 26 weeks ago
PaSnow US Politics Thread

Thanks, the insults are unnecessary.

+ 27 weeks ago
misterID 105 page PDF (document from The Chairman) LEAK


+ 50 weeks ago
bigbri isnt that absurd

These songs stink

+ 55 weeks ago
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