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war bumblefoot checks in with gnrevolution

funny response

+ 813 weeks ago
Stepvhen Questions for Axl if he visits GN'R Evolution

Your a good guy

+ 814 weeks ago
Dreamline Gene Simmons lashes out at Axl Rose

My GF asked if I was ok after laughing so hard at something on the internet.

+ 816 weeks ago

yay for suing dr. pepper!!!!!!

+ 816 weeks ago
BLS-Pride Izzy

good points

+ 817 weeks ago
CrimeSlunkScene Guns N' Roses to release Chinese Democracy single

I agree.

+ 821 weeks ago
RussTCB Chinese Democracy release date?

for keeping the CD release date thread on the subject of the CD release date.

+ 823 weeks ago
CrimeSlunkScene Anniversary for Use Your Illusion I & II

Here's to opinions!

+ 826 weeks ago
sic. New Bumblefoot interview in Classic Rock

"That interview was pointless."

Blunt, yet true. Not to mention hilarious.

+ 832 weeks ago
Aussie More leaks soon?

James Bond comment - tooo funny!!!

+ 833 weeks ago
Reputation system for PunBB

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