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#1 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 47 hours ago

So.... Epstein.  I'm inclined to think he had every reason to off himself, so that's where I put my money.  But part of me thinks the CIA snuffed him. I have no interest in the yahoos saying the Clintons or Trump did it, but it's clear the guy was connected. The DA from the 2005 case claims he was told Epstein belonged to intel, and if you read what kind of sentence Epstein got, the idea that was true isn't a hard pill to swallow.  Lots of famous and wealthy people into kid fucking - why wouldn't the intel community want that knowledge.  Does that make me a truther now?

P.S.  You got your wish, Buzz.  So you should post.

#2 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 3 days ago

misterID wrote:

I still like pay for play taxes, like a junk food tax, corporate internet sales tax (Amazon tax) and cutting a bunch of loopholes and corporate well fare. Medicare drug prices have to be negotiated. And raise the age of ss for wealthy Americans. Matter of fact, transition ss from a pension to an insurance for Americans who don't need it.

What kind of insurance? What’s the cutoff for “need”?

I’m generally against taking money from people who have paid into it. Does a multi-millionaire need it?  Probably not. But what about someone who retires with 2 million in their 401k? If I live to 87, that’d give me 100k a year to live on. Is that a comfortable lifestyle? Sure, but what if I saved assuming I’d get that extra 30k a year to pay for vacations and trips I couldn’t take in my youth? To say nothing about inheritance.

I think I disagree with your original premise. I think socialism can only exist where it’s supported by the majority of the population. In a western world, if you’re of average intelligence and not traumatized by poor upbringing, your odds of success are much higher in what every western nation would call a capitalist society. True socialist nations like Venezuela and the USSR, only survived because the people accepted that suffering because it was superior to the quality of life before.

Either we become a quasi-Utopian society, or the victors of Armageddon start from scratch. Whether it be nuclear war, biological, or climate change, things as they are can’t continue.

Who in their right mind would choose to remain in a place like Sudan when the possibility of a life in a big 5 western nation is present?  Especially if those nations are hesitant to keep out or remove those who illegally enter? At what point do these nations take the necessary steps to keep these people out, and could they survive the public unrest?  Seriously, half this country is outraged that people with final deportation orders are forcibly removed. What happens when millions more decide to roll the dice and enter the US or EU en mass?  What happens when far left groups commission charters that bring migrants to the shores of Norway or Canada?  It’s happening in the Mediterranean now.

All of that is a way to say that the western standard of living and enlightenment values are under a direct threat. And half of the west is not only in denial about it, they celebrate and advocate for it.

That’s really what socialism is - the idea that people can be free of need. Marx makes that clear. It’s a very attractive idea, and people are vying for position to claim that they’re the most disenfranchised to get to the front of the line. Everyone wants to be part of the proletariat, and that’s how socialism happens and culture is destroyed.

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This doesn’t really apply to this thread, but whatevs.

I don’t think it’s a positive American media is showing people in Hong Kong waive US flags and sing the anthem. The American Revolution has been romanticized, but the people of HK have zero chance of defeating China.

Unless the EU joins the US in applying pressure, the US would be foolish to intervene - and I don’t think Trump has any interest.

The left has to swallow that a country with actual concentration camps and an abysmal human rights record is doing everything they fantasize is happening here. And they certainly can’t advocate for military action, and can’t come out supporting Trump on tariffs.  The EU won’t do dick with Russia or Iran, so them making a move against China isn’t an option.

Maybe, after the military clears out the airport in the next 72 hours, western liberals will be reminded of what actual authoritarian leaders look like. But it’s not our fight.

#4 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 4 days ago

misterID wrote:

Never heard of politicians do this. Threatening the supreme court is scary. Here's a way to deal with this in an anti authoritarian way... When an election. … ?ocid=AMZN

I saw that earlier, but none of the yahoos saying that have a real shot at winning. And the odds of the Dems getting the senate are on par with the GOP taking the house - maybe slightly worse.

Ginsburg came out against it, so good luck selling moderates like Manchin even if they pull off a simple majority.

We’re at the point that removing people who had their day in court and were issued a final removal is labeled as “racist”, so as much as I want a real challenger to Trump, it isn’t looking well for the left in 2020.

#5 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 5 days ago

Has anyone else ever heard “Fredo” is an ethnic slur?  Urban Dictionary has no such definition. Ive always used it in lieu of calling someone an incompetent fuck up.

#7 Re: Management » Banned my IP by mistake » 5 days ago

PaSnow wrote:
Randall Flagg wrote:

If this is the end, it’s been a pleasure interacting with everyone but “the two”, and I wish even them the best.

Was I one of "the two"?

Lol, no. You’re cool dude.

Still getting the banned message when I log in from my cell network. Some moderator added that IP range to the list.

#8 Re: The Sunset Strip » Most Recent Movie You've Seen » 5 days ago

I liked it, but the first 2 hours were so slow. Pulp Fiction is my favorite by far, followed by Django. This ranks right in the middle for me. The scene in the house at the end, fantastic.

#9 Re: Management » Banned my IP by mistake » 5 days ago

Thanks. It only gives me that message when I access the site on my phone on ATT’s network. Any other IP and it’s fine.

#10 Re: Management » Banned my IP by mistake » 5 days ago

This happened again. Got the message “if you support the president’s Actions, you must support mine.”  If I’m being banned that’s fine, I just don’t appreciate shadow banning. If you’re gonna do it, own it.

Did Mitch get made a mod? Did James approve this?

If this is the end, it’s been a pleasure interacting with everyone but “the two”, and I wish even them the best.

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