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#1 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 2 days ago

misterID wrote:

That Hillary would have beat Trump, along with listening to Bill. Kamala Harris campaign was Hillary bad. The youth obsession won't work for anyone not named Obama.

We’ll see. Buttigieg is primed to capture the under 25 demographic that helped Obama. Though he’s not nearly as charismatic, the same “we have to elect a black president!” mindset easily can be changed to “we have to elect a gay president!” 

Seriously though, there will be foreign relations consequences for that. Middle Eastern and Latin American leaders have an image problem.

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » GN'R to Play Super Bowl Fest, Miami, 31st January 2020 » 2 days ago

zombux wrote:
Randall Flagg wrote:

Out of curiosity, how many posters that think this is a big deal are teenagers or in their 20s?  I refuse to believe posters who went through the CD era are this gullible.

hard to say. people are weird
(note the number of likes)

We’re all in agreement that person is nuts, right?

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » GN'R to Play Super Bowl Fest, Miami, 31st January 2020 » 3 days ago

Out of curiosity, how many posters that think this is a big deal are teenagers or in their 20s?  I refuse to believe posters who went through the CD era are this gullible.

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » New Album Thread » 9 days ago

sp1at wrote:
Declan94 wrote:
sp1at wrote:

We interviewed him years ago, he is a stand up guy. You need to be less the minus four guy and stop firing out misinformed opinions.

i'm sure he is a nice dude but almost everything he has said has either been false or just straight up lies i'm not saying it's his fault maybe that's what management want him to say but it does get annoying when he confirms a new album or denies a song that exists saying that it doesn't exist and for us fans it does get frustrating we just want a straight up answer that's all

If it helps, he says in the same interview that Axl is secretive, which is where you are maybe coming from.

I think with regard to the release of albums, it would be easy to disregard what Fortus says because the process of releasing albums has been frustrated a lot of times by the record company

They just made $500 million touring the past 3 years. They don’t need a record company. Metallica doesn’t. Either they want to record new music, or they don’t. They don’t need anyone’s permission or help. They can afford studio time. They can hire a producer. They don’t need to release physical media.

This “hopelessly devoted to you” nonsense many fans have needs to stop. I recently re-read Chinese Whispers, and if there’s one message to take away, it’s that no one, not even “insiders” has a clue what the future holds.

#5 The Sunset Strip » The Irishman » 10 days ago

Randall Flagg
Replies: 9

An amazing film. DeNiro will get the Oscar for this.

#6 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 2 weeks ago

slcpunk wrote:

Ultimately its not about trump, it's about you. You've deceived yourself, and no amount of truth can ever get you to admit it.

This is comedy gold coming from the guy who spent years linking 9/11 conspiracy videos, and has spent the last 3 convinced Trump colluded with Putin.  And your previous comment complaining about the US pulling out of Syria, pure fire dude.  It's like your completely unaware of what you posted the past 15 years and that every other poster has seen your posts.  Talk about a total lack of self awareness.

#7 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 2 weeks ago

3.  I don’t think this is unique or special. Biden literally did what Trump was accused of.  Obama was caught on a mic telling Dmitrev he’d “have more flexibility after the election.”  It’s what anyone does at that stage.

Do I think it’s “good” that it happens, no. The media campaign congressional democrats have launched since day one turns me off to anything they say. It’s removed their credibility, and this impeachment trial is so partisan, the notion it should be taken serious is laughable. That’s the great tragedy, this is what our government has become.

#8 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 2 weeks ago

The hyper partisans can flail all they want, but impeachment is a losing proposition: … 244453002/

A “blue wall” state, opposes impeachment 60-40, and supports Trump over the top 4 Dem candidates.

America isn’t a progressive nation, and just because NY, LA, and DC have a hard on for Trump, doesn’t mean the rest of the country is.

If you’re a conspiracy nut, have predicted “this is it” every other week for the past 3 years, and think anyone save Biden or Buttigieg can beat Trump, you’re not seriously part of the conversation. You’re the extremist, you’re the partisan, and you’re the one who will be flabbergasted and confused 11.5 months from now when the same talking heads are baffled as they announce Trump’s re-election.

#10 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 2 weeks ago

misterID wrote:

You can't deny that he brought 100% of it all on himself.

Yea, he totally bought, published, and pushed the Steele dossier. It was him who called himself illegitimate the day after the election and immediately started pondering ways to prematurely end his presidency.

C’mon dude. Like or dislike Trump, Democrats have made a mockery of congressional oversight.

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