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#1 Re: The Sunset Strip » HBO's A Game of Thrones » 15 weeks ago

Randall Flagg wrote:
esoterica wrote:
bigbri wrote:

I loved tonight’s episode. incredibly well-written.

Is this a joke?

I laughed out loud at this

Yeah, the episodes have been a slog to get through for me.  In between the bad writing and the extended run times,  it's a chore to get through most of this season.

#2 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 51 weeks ago

Smoking Guns wrote:

So much fucking winning!!!  But I get his point.... he probably wouldn’t bring that old shit up if this stupid witch hunt wasn’t taking place.  Jeff Sessions is fucking terrible like I said since day one. He is a shitty AG regardless of his recusal or any of that. He is terrible.

"Witch hunts" don't involve multiple members of an administration getting indicted and/or pleading guilty and serving jail time.  You can go with the "witch hunt" theme all you want but reality based RESULTS indicate otherwise.

#3 Re: The Sunset Strip » Most Recent Movie You've Seen » 52 weeks ago

kermit the Trump wrote:

Mission Impossible- Saw this in the theater in 96. Just watched it a few days ago since I decided to watch the other films. Its amazing how slow action films of old are after watching how modern films move along. Same with TV shows. Watch something like Streets of San Francisco, then watch something like Rizzoli & Isles. Its insane.

It's a great film though. The sequels lost the flavor contained in this one. The CIA break in one of the best moments in the series.

Mission Impossible II- Holy shit. They lost the plot with this one. I don't know if anyone said it at the time(2000) but this had the potential to be a franchise killer. The simple fact it killed at the box office is likely the only thing that saved it. The plot is severely lacking, a terrible cast with no chemistry, Some scenes loaded with cringe, and its too action oriented.

Mission Impossible III- Nice recovery. Cruise must have realized his franchise was in trouble. A better cast and Hoffman wound up being the best villain in the franchise. The series has permanently strayed from its roots though with epic action scenes becoming the fuel.

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation- Wow. After watching III I didn't think they could top its casting. They did here. The Ilsa character is strong enough to warrant a spinoff film.  I actually googled her to see if there had already been a film with this character in it. She just shows up and starts kicking ass like she's an action star on her own. They'll never do it of course but the potential is there. Cruise's age is catching up with him but he can still pull it off. He should focus on doing a few more MI films before he gets too old.

The Prestige- Cant believe I went all these years without watching it. I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not a big fan of films set in this era which is probably why I avoided it but it has a great story. Was surprised to see Bowie playing Tesla. A bold casting choice.

The Bourne Supremacy- Decided to catch up on this franchise like I did MI. I saw the first Bourne movie when it came out but none of the others. I should've watched the first one again instead of picking up here.  I do not like this character at all and I realize part of it may be because I simply cant stand Damon. I was able to overlook this with The Martian but not here. I may try the latest Bourne film before giving up on it.

I don't find the Bourne character sympathetic yet he's supposed to be. We're supposed to pull for him in these situations but there's nothing to pull for. He's just a grade A assassin who also kills women who get in the way. His apology to the surviving daughter at the end falls flat.

These films might be better had a different actor got the role.

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer- Jesus Christ. I saw this in 98 when it came out and liked it although I was always a Hewitt fan from Party of Five. This film does not hold up at all and the plot is pure shit. They obviously did it to capitalize on the success of the first film and put no thought into this.

I've put this on my list of horror films to never watch again.

Annihilation- Great film. I wish Portman would do more films like this. She's amazing but her resume is real spotty. I didn't really like the ending but there were very few directions for this story to go. I never read the book but apparently they took it in a different direction. The books are a trilogy but I don't see how this story could realistically get sequels.

I'll go through some of my thoughts on these films:

MI I:  I think it's still one of the better MI films.  There's an engaging plot and it's really well cast in my opinion.  I prefer the slower action because it gives the story a chance to breathe and connect.  It's not just a setup to an action piece or sequence.

MI II:  I watched this on VHS years ago and couldn't make sense of the plot or understand how this hell this made money.  It was really confusing.  Oh also don't judge John Woo on his mediocre American output; his 80s-90s HK action films are top notch and worth a view (particularly the ones involving Chow Yun Fat).

Rogue Nation:  Pretty much darker than Ghost Protocol and more interesting because of it.

The Prestige:  I think it's one of the few Nolan films I enjoy rewatching.  It's well cast and I love how the theme of "the double" is prevalent throughout the film.

The Bourne Series:  Another Matt Damon hater here.  When I watch him he bores the fucking shit out of me.  I hated the first one.  He had zero chemistry with the costar, Franka Potente, and the car chase was a slight rip off from Ronin.  I had like zero expectations for the other films and I found that I sorta enjoyed them because of that.  I'll probably never watch them again but they're perfectly watchable.

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » LEAKS THREAD » 52 weeks ago

I've been out of the loop here:

Can someone give me a brief rundown on what has been leaked?

#5 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 52 weeks ago

mitchejw wrote:
CSS 2.0 wrote:

Are we just going to ignore the comments made by Cohen’s lawyer?

Or maybe he’s simply chatting shit. It’s a political witch hunt, after all.

They are going to ignore it CSS.

And thank you for joining’re a rare dry spell in a sea of commenters who would kill their grandmothers so long as the economy is humming.

True.  You have certain people here still bringing up Clinton even though she is not even relevant to the conversation at ALL.  It's the usual Republican deflection tactic.

Yeah, they'll ignore that multiple HIGH RANKING officials in THIS ADMIN have been indicted or pled guilty to charges.  This is literally the most corrupt admin and this only after less than 2 years.  Oh and I'd say it's pretty significant if one candidate paid off people to avoid bad stories (ie affairs) from being released just prior to the election in 2016.

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » Differences between bands ... lack of professionalism and other issues » 81 weeks ago

John has the right idea here.  The energy and spirit left at some point.  Predictably really as you go through changes in your life.

#7 Re: The Garden » Football » 81 weeks ago

misterID wrote:

Cousins isn't worth 30 million a year, IMO. Denver and Jacksonville is where I'd want to go if I were him, but his price tag is going to be really high.

I think with the success of Philly literally using Alex Smith's personalized run-pass-option playbook (seriously, Smith helped create it and Peters took it to Philly) to thrash them and get to the SB, I think Gruden sees he can offer way more than Cousins could. They need a speedy WR like Christian Kirk to fill the Hill deep threat role he had in KC.

No, he's not worth that much but there are DESPERATE TEAMS out there that will pay that.  Jacksonvile is out on Cousins as they will keep Bortles as the starter next year. 

The rumor mill has already said that Denver is a frontrunner for Cousins.  Typical Redskins trade:  overpaying.  I was under the impression that KC had to dump Smith to get under the cap.  Well they got the Skins to fork over a good CB (Fuller) on a cheap rookie contract and managed to get a 3rd rounder out of it.

#8 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 88 weeks ago

Randall Flagg wrote:

I have the utmost respect for Mueller, but they’ve got nothing on Trump and nothing related to collusion.

You can't seriously believe this.

#9 Re: The Sunset Strip » Kevin Spacey » 93 weeks ago

monkeychow wrote:
PaSnow wrote:
monkeychow wrote:

I loved house of cards season 1-2 (felt it went a bit off after that) and love Spacey's acting work.

Agreed. Season 1 was great, Season 2 was great too, but I felt they rushed the situation, Underwood becoming Prez. Season 3 sorta dragged a bit for me, and while Robin Wright was great at her part, I felt her inclusion into her political position was a bit too forced. I liked her better as the charity head and Underwood as a Congressmen. I finally finished it but didn't bother with Season 4 or 5, a friend told me what happens (new President) and I laughed, can't imagine how the storyline went but I'm glad I didn't bother.

Hidden Text:

Yeah. I thought it was more effective and realistic having her be a powerful woman but working behind the scenes and in their sham charity to further his power - so they were a power couple. Like he was the face of it but they share the privilege and glory from it. But yeah - when she decides she wants to go into politics and then is both accepted at that by the public and able to out play him - yeah...lost credibility with me. To me season 2 was a natural end point really.

Hidden Text:

Yeah the first two seasons are the only good ones for me.  The entire season 3 plotline where Claire goes to Russia to advocate for the release of the journalist/humanitarian(I forget what he was exactly) was a giant snooze fest.  Season 4 was better  MAJOR SPOILER UPCOMING since
Frank Underwood got shot.  But then Joel Klimman is so boring as  Will, the Republican candidate for President.  I never finished S5, only got into a few episodes into it before I gave up

#10 Re: The Sunset Strip » Kevin Spacey » 93 weeks ago

misterID wrote:

That dude's career is fucking over. Anyone see the press conference of that guy's mom? Holy shit... He has the Ridley Scott film coming out All The Money In The World. They have to reshoot and use another another actor. I can't see them releasing it.

Isn't he in makeup for most of the film?  The film got pulled from some film festival yesterday.

This isn't really news to me.  I assumed most people knew he was gay.  And I read about some of the stuff in sort of vague terms on various rumor sites over the years.

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