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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » new gnr song debuted » 4 days ago

I heard a cover of Puff The Magic Dragon is up next. axl

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » Happy 10th anniversary, Chinese Democracy! » 5 days ago

I try to keep it simple at this point. A new song is a new song no matter when it was recorded or who plays on it. If I haven’t heard it in any form, it is new to me. Every Gnr album has songs of varying quality and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No judge and jury decides what songs or albums are “better” than others. It is art and there are no right or wrong opinions. I just wish we had more officially released Gnr material to argue about. sad

#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » Happy 10th anniversary, Chinese Democracy! » 5 days ago

That shows very little faith in Axl’s ability....I figure what is in the vault will be similar to Chinese in quality just as Uyi1 is with Uyi2. hmm

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » Happy 10th anniversary, Chinese Democracy! » 8 days ago

Wags, the mental health issues CANNOT be overlooked. Knowing what I know now about mental health difficulties, it is amazing that he has become as functional as he currently is. Slash and Duff overcame some tough stuff too with their substance abuse issues. Minor miracle that they have found each other again.

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » Happy 10th anniversary, Chinese Democracy! » 8 days ago

apex-twin wrote:

What if he ain't that crazy?

"With our team we were able to negotiate through a mountain of issues to be able to release the album. Within those negotiations, I believed I had secured agreements, commitments and assurances that would have allowed a promotional strategy to be implemented that obviously I've had a fair amount of time to consider." (Axl, MyGNR, 12/12/08)

A promotional strategy which he had been thinking about, for a long while. He was offering it out, he said. 

"We never intended a huge public rollout, especially without resolving certain issues, and no one ever suggested us doing so, though Interscope's communications with Best Buy in these areas may not have been as clear as anyone would have preferred.

Our approach, for better or worse, has always been to work the record over the course of the following tour cycles, with attempts to forge new or better and hopefully redefined relationships with the different forms of media that may be interested along the way." - Billboard, 2009

Axl tours, makes friends with the media, and over time finds a more receptive audience - and only then releases the album?

"Best Buy has been great... Zach [Horowitz, Universal Music Group president/COO], or whoever's behind the international efforts, is doing great. It's more than appreciated and a welcome relief.

Unfortunately [going with Best Buy] didn't change us having to rely on Interscope as much as we'd hoped. The opinions expressed or "jumped" on publicly regarding promotion seem to be [about] my or our involvement with mainstream media -- talk shows, rock magazines and dot-coms -- which have generally held negative public stances toward myself or the band for years, [and they] unfortunately have not been resolved. Efforts are being made to understand the relationships and evaluate how best to proceed."

Now, the media is mean on Axl again and he stays home thinking why?

"In regard to our promotion, it was based around certain agreements with Universal, Interscope, our management and legal [teams] that unfortunately never happened. I won't get into specifics but am beginning to address some of those issues in my own way as opposed to "working together," and we'll see how that plays out."

It comes out a few paragraphs later.

Without [Interscope Geffen A&M chairman] Jimmy Iovine's involvement, it doesn't matter who anyone talks to or what they say -- virtually nothing will happen from their end... And, unfortunately, for all their nice words and assurances, nothing that's happened since the week or so before the release has shown us much of anything to the contrary.

So at least in regard to the U.S., for the most part I don't look at it like we have a record company -- I look at it for the most part like we have friendly but otherwise cutthroat loan sharks.

Geffen didn't promote things his way, to curb that negative public image.

Did Axl refuse taking PR duties into his own hands because he was afraid of a negative portrayal?

Good stuff...side note....the album and songs released were what got through the “red tape” as he said. The album has a compilation feel to me. In other words, his true vision for the second half of Chinese or even a “trilogy” thing were scrapped by the record company (and Azoff for that matter) once the Best Buy bailout deal became reality. Just speculating there obviously.

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » Will new music be released in 2019? » 2 weeks ago

It does....Tool vs Gnr again.....who gets an album out first? I am beyond a tortured fan. 4

#9 Re: Guns N' Roses » new gnr song debuted » 2 weeks ago

Well, this is the same guy who decided it was a good idea to sing on 2 Sebastian Bach songs prior to the release of Chinese....just as head scratching as this. Looney Tunes all around.

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » Will new music be released in 2019? » 2 weeks ago

I think we will get new music...not sure in what single, ep or full album...I just think we will get something new. axl 21

ps...give me the handlebar mustache back.....Ax needs some edge. 16

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