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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » Will GNR release new music in 2021? » 2 days ago

Given Shadow of Your Love was presented as new when it's thereleased B side on a CD single I own - I'd say these old songs are legitimately on the table as possibilities.

Crash Diet would be great cos Axl's vocal was killer, but then the song has been done a few times by other bands...mind you a Slash/Richard shred off on the ending guitar part would sure be interesting these days.

Eye on You is the most unlike old GNR but also a really catchy melody, I sort of hope it finds its way into a song one day.

State of Grace and Perhaps are bad ass too. Very good for songs that seem to have never been shelved for years. God knows what else of worth has been lying around in a vault somewhere but I'd say they could fairly easily construct a good record just from what we know and there's probably tons more.

#2 Re: The Garden » Covid 19 » 8 days ago

Situation here in Australia is that we banked on the astrazeneca vaccine.

Now that the blood-clot thing has been found, they no longer recommend it in people under 50.

They are going to try and get pfizer for us - but no timeline for availability...they are saying maybe end of the year....not good for us as that means another winter with no immunity first.

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » Will GNR release new music in 2021? » 10 days ago

Not sure.

Without the pandemic I think they would have needed to in order to keep the touring business freshly marketed.

Post the pandemic - just the fact there are large scale shows again is a marketing angle.

When the aussie tour was announced I was hoping it was the warm up leg of what might become a release tour later in that year.

Now they are booking shows into 2022 still with no new branding I am less hopeful...and I wonder if they're just settled into play where they can amongst the chaos for the next few years.

I really hope we get a new album eventually though, sounds weird but it would be good to move onto a new era psychologically.

#4 Re: The Garden » Posters who vanished long ago.... » 4 weeks ago

They sort of make it hard to be a fan to be honest.

There's the lack of new content, or for that matter re-issues of half the old content, the ongoing and eternal general silence, the paranoid secrecy, the way anything that does happen always seems to be plagued by amateur problems despite them being one of the largest acts of all time, and the way that when they do interact with the media or fans at all they come off ungrateful, bitter, cynical,  and if we're actually honest about it hostile and patronising to fans.

Not only don't they respect us, they loathe us and it's pretty obvious.

I get fame is tedious and a lot of fans are demanding and don't respect the artists either - but their attitude to everything is just lamentable.

It was easier to tolerate the negative behaviours when they delivered a once in a generation experience of excellence in between, at this stage it's like the attitude problem is writing checks that their product can't cash.

We're supposed to put up with no end of bad things because of the art and they're artists, yet the art always seems to suffer the most - where even is it anymore?

Ok this is a rant, suffice to say - Axl is my favourite songwriter, he and Slash together was a pairing for the ages and in their prime one of the greatest acts of all time. But they hate us and they don't care. And we know. It's sad really.

#5 Re: The Garden » Do you believe in ghosts? » 5 weeks ago

This will sound crazy but I have found that places where very bad stuff has happened sort of make me feel uncomfortable.

Not sure if it's ghosts exactly - but it's like there's residual "bad vibes" in a place.

I'm sure a skeptic would say it's because I know what happened there. This might be true for touring historical dungeons and stuff in the UK.

However, restaurant in melbourne where i felt it so strongly I couldn't wait to leave. Hard to even explain it - just like an overwhelming feeling of dread for no reason - sudden onset and went away just as fast when I left. Later found out the restaurant is built on the site of a former convent-type place where a lot of people were abused. Maybe it's chance....but felt real enough at the time.

#6 Re: The Garden » Posters who vanished long ago.... » 5 weeks ago

Personally I liked's true she flaunted her sexuality, but in fairness to her, I know myself and some of the other dudes were more than encouraging her to do it.

Can't speak for her but I expect she was just young like the rest of us and finding herself and her sexuality and the power of the attention and all that all at once. If i was in her situation as a great looking hen among a pack of roosters I'd have done the same or worse. Hell a lot of the time I look back at stuff I've said from the past and just cringe. Time is a funny thing.

Anyways if you got to know her in IMs etc there was more to her than just the sexy pics - she's a cool chick.

As for Bono - i have him in a facebook chat with some people from here and we friend-fight most days lol. I can't help that he doesn't like stuff I do  16

I missed some of the others mentioned too.

Axlin was always a fun poster....I remember I was shocked when DTJ left too even though I didn't know about the circumstances etc.

We've really had a great community over the years and our fair share of crazy drama too as to be expected from forums I guess.

I hope GNR give us something else to rant and rave about one day. It blows my mind how long we've all been posting here now - its like the whole world came and ended around us somedays and we're still here talking about video clips we saw at 13 hahahaha

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » Guns N' Roses List of Excuses (1986-Present) » 10 weeks ago

It's like a thread called "porn on the internet"....

I'm not sure we could ever be exhaustive 14

#8 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 12 weeks ago

It was eye opening that they went as far as halting retail trades.

Then again when I think about it, I almost thing it's nieve to think you'll be able to fuck over the vested powers long term.

Whole situation reminds me of the gambler with marc wallberg.

The guy who bet $50k on options and made it into $40m.....yeah....that's "Fuck You" money. He needs to listen to John Goodman's speech in that film.

#9 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 12 weeks ago

That video with the people arguing with the doctor is so crazy.

I have a friend that will be like that.

I honestly don't know what to do about it. He just can't be reached with any type of logic it seems.

#10 Re: The Garden » Lost my mom.. » 12 weeks ago

Sorry to hear.

Hang in there.

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