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#1 Re: The Sunset Strip » The Super Hero Movie Epidemic » 84 weeks ago

I'm not really that much of a shared universe guy.

I read a few comics growing up but always preferred the stand alone kinda stories to the cross over type where they all exist in the same place.

I think its easier for suspension of disbelief, like you can imagine a world with a batman, or a superman, or a spiderman or whatever, but all of them at once moves into a rather unlikely place.

That said for a crossover I enjoyed BvS: Dawn of Justice, but I felt that they ruined the sequel as they tried to make it too much like marvel and lost all the edge.

As for marvel, I enoyed the early waves of them - like Ironman 1 and Captain America 1, and even Avengers 1 despite it being a shared flick - but now that it's gone on this long I find it gets hard to keep up with and full of kinda in-jokes.

Reminds me of growing up a starwars guy and then watching some startrek - I can enjoy it but it's kinda for people who have watched all the startrek.

Anyways I don't mind them - but its sad if this is ALL hollywood does. Like superhero stuff has a place. But if we get nothing but remakes, franchinse entries and so on - I wonder how we will ever find the next generation of auters.

How do you get a new Quentin Tarrintino or a new martin scorsese or someone of that nature in this system. How do you find a ridley scott, or hell, even a speilberg or cameron...if its all just going to be superheros and reboots.

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » LEAKS THREAD » 90 weeks ago

Olorin wrote:

Cant imagine Robin on rhythm, but it was insane to have him on lead with Buckethead in the band. The whole CD era was a spectacular car crash, I just wish it had more recorded music to show for it, all that talent so little to show for it, what a waste of precious time.

Yeah I feel that strongly these days too...when the guys are starting to get a little older and you look at all those prime years where not much happened.

I mean for example in 2004 we felt we'd waited for ages cos there'd been nothing new in 10 years or so. But in 2008 it's another 10 years and this wait has been even worse IMO.

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » Guns N' Roses tour to continue through 2017(and beyond) » 91 weeks ago

^ 16

Seriously though - it's normal for them to have some negotiation time.

Like CD came out in 2008 but re-recording was done in 2006 or so.

Slash started talking to Axl circa 2014 but reunion happened 2016.

AFD Deluxe came out 2018 not for 2017 anniversary.

I would factor in at least 12-18 months of business bullshit in anything associated with Axl's people.

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » Guns N' Roses tour to continue through 2017(and beyond) » 91 weeks ago

So a possible realistic timeline for the band is maybe:

rest of 2018: Slash Tour
2019: Slash tour, end of year Slash records.
2020: Axl records additional vocals, remixes, tinkers, record ready by end of year.
2021: team brazil negotiates with record label
2022: record released, end 2022 tour starts
2023: tour
2024: tour
2025: end tour and break
2026: break
2027: break
2028: farewell tour
2029: farewell tour
2030: Axl retires at 68

#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » LEAKS THREAD » 91 weeks ago

AndreCC wrote:

the thing with guitarists, much like frontmen, they also have an ego, and no one wanted to play Rhythm besides Fortus.

I dunno if I'd blame the players for that.

I mean realistically, it's stupid when you have one of the foremost shredders in the world to use that person in a rhythm guitar role.

I would argue that the 3 guitar model in general was underutilising guys like Bumble and Bucket. Look at RIR3 - you see several times in songs where bucket is standing around on stage basically playing an open D chord - cos the rhythm and lead parts are being handled already - then every now and then he gets thrown something to do.

Same thing with bumble a lot of the time, or for that matter - watch what ashaba is doing when bumble plays a solo - they come up with cute ways to augment each others parts and stuff...but essentially you have 2 guys doing what is really 1 mans job. That's then made worse that some of the times the spare man is a guy like bumble or bucket who already has the guitar powers of several mortals already.

Another issue with the 3 guitar parts is a lot of the time the sound/visual people are playing catch up. In the songs where half of a songs solo is played by one and half by the other there's often a moment or two of nothing but rhythm as the sound dude frantically turns down one and up the other, and the video guy desperately searches the stage for who is playing. Hell watch close enough and you'll notice by the end of his tenure - bumble often raises his hand in the air like a kid in class right before he takes his solo turn. It's like he's signalling to the sound guy lifeguard "over here...over here"....hahahah....not sure if that's intentional or just coincidence..

.but either way I dunno if the problem is people not wanting to play rhythm....I mean it would be silly to bring bucket in for rhythm. Then bumble was brought in to emulate bucket parts. Maybe there's an arguement robin should be rhythm...but that's Axl's fault - matt suggested him for rhythm and Axl's slash hatred at the time made him say "no..move him to lead"..then no one had the balls to move him when bucket was better...they just bullied bucket instead like cowards....strange band GNR.

As for terms of chops he has the chops to be anyone...but stylistically although he does play blues well here and there.. he tends more towards Paul Gilbert type stuff..and a lot of his trick type stunt stuff.....there's more to slash than the chops alone it's the psychology and mood he brings to the songs...that's what no one replicated.

I mean realistically from a guitar sound point of view GNR is slash's band. I know izzy wrote a bunch of riffs, but everything memorable and iconic guitar wise basically is Slash's style and comes from slash and the attitude Slash brings to the songs. That kinda aerosmith style he was emulating and all the rest. Aside from the vocals the GNR sound is slash's sound.

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » Slash Speaks! » 92 weeks ago

misterID wrote:

I think the "jumping into" the existing material is more believable.

It would make a lot of sense.

I mean why would Axl just abandon songs he's already written, not to mention some of them would have strong vocal tracks.

However I think we need to put on our waiting caps, some of the other interviews with Slash he kinda gave the impression he would tour the rest of this year, then most of next with conspirators. Then after that it might be time for another GNR cycle.

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » LEAKS THREAD » 92 weeks ago

I would have used Robin as the Rhythm player and let him play an occasional lead - such his stuff on Better, SOD etc.

Sort of like Brad Whitford - he isn't joe perry but yet plays quite a few of the more memorable leads.

I think Robin's CD solos were pretty good, but he simply wasn't good at emulating slash's parts. I'm not sure if it was by design or simply that he didnt have the chops...but it was a major problem considering something like 90% of the set was Slash parts.

They could have left the Slash leads to someone more suited to the style, then let Robin do his lead licks on the 'new' songs.

I think this would have got the band over a lot better with the general public...a huge amount of the "Axl and the guys who aint slash" reviews were simply because the guitar parts often sounded worse than local cover bands.

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » Slash Speaks! » 93 weeks ago

apex-twin wrote:
monkeychow wrote:

it kinda suggested that 5'oclock is somehow an inferior album out of Slash's solo stuff.

Which is, objectively, complete bollocks.

ITFOCS features some of Slash's best guitar work. If anything, it's a worthy piece of his discography.


There's a very GNR sound to his guitar parts on the album I think.

Probably his most GNR sounding solo record along with AL - which also has a number of "could be UYI" style tracks to me.

#9 Re: Guns N' Roses » Slash Speaks! » 93 weeks ago

ClaudeF wrote:

Does anyone else disagree with the article's statement that Slash's first solo album was a "sign of doom" for GNR at the time it was released? To me, it felt like he and Duff were biding their time, waiting for a reunion that just never happened. Not until later did the news break that Axl was working on his own.

Yeah at the time Slash was selling it to the media as a project he did to fill in time before they all regrouped for GNR.

In retrospect I guess it does look like why not just make a GNR album then, but I agree at the time it was very much treated as a side project because Slash is a workaholic rather than the end of GNR.

I also didn't really like the question about 5'oclock where he said Axl and Duff rejected the material and does slash now agree with them. Slash kinda avoided it by saying they were just things he worked on rather than ever officially GNR. Aside from the fact that that is not the way it's presented in either his own book or duffs - or Axl's chats - I really didn't like the question - it kinda suggested that 5'oclock is somehow an inferior album out of Slash's solo stuff.

If anything I think time has shown those songs should have been GNR songs...

Myself I think it's one of his best albums, and I absolutely think those riffs if they'd been able to co-operate with Axl to alter the songs would have made a killer AFD-style record. Axl says slash insisted he sing them as is and was given no chance to work on them, Slash says Axl wasn't interested in them and he didn't want to waste another few years tinkering. Probably both true in some way. But in any event...the guitar playing on that album is very GNR.

#10 Re: The Sunset Strip » The Sopranos » 93 weeks ago

bigbri wrote:

Never watched.

Should I binge it?

If you like Gangster stuff - like Goodfellas, Casino that type of thing I would absolutely give it a shot.

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