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#1 Re: The Sunset Strip » Most Recent Movie You've Seen » 9 weeks ago

James wrote:

Se7en is probably the greatest film of the 1990s.... although a case can be made for some other films.

The bleak atmosphere of their surroundings helps propel the story along.

It feels dystopic.

It's a crime it didn't get any Oscars.

I also like how you don't know which city it takes place in.

I dunno, I think Pulp Fiction is THE 90s film. Id put Fight Club second.

#2 Re: The Garden » Posters who vanished long ago.... » 9 weeks ago

DCK wrote:

My God you're still here. For me these days, GNR doesn't take full focus. Hardly anything at all. GNR is only fun when it's unpredictable. Like Absurd. When it's not, I loose interest. But I'll try to remember the community and perhaps circle back to forums and stay off social media.

Tbh the political thread kept things alive here. Really from 2016 straight thru 2020 election. Trump sure kept things interesting.

Guns & NITL tour discussion faded around 2017 aside from a brief leaks dump.

Welcome tho, remember ya, hope u been good.

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » Absurd » 10 weeks ago

FlashFlood wrote:

By the way - great, compact show. An easy take. Lot’s of fluff cut out. They don’t need to prove anything with 3 hour marathons at this point.

Very good point.

#4 Re: The Sunset Strip » Most Recent Movie You've Seen » 10 weeks ago

slashsfro wrote:

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot--1970s Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges film.  Probably underlooked/under rated.  It's sort of a buddy film/heist film/contrast between the guys from the 50s and the flower power/hippies generation of the 1960s.  It works because the acting is great and the script is pretty good.

Deep Cover: 90s film w/Laurence Fishburne and Jeff Goldblum.  First time watching this and wow.  Beautiful neo noir film.  Sleazeball characters all around.  Plus it's sort of a critique on how useless/what a farce the war on drugs from the late 80s-90s was.

Ill have to watch these, sound cool

A fb friend posted abojt Blowout, a 1981 John Travolta film. Its really cool & prolly him at his best, I dont recall any of his early movies being this good (not incl Pulp Fiction obvi). Its a Brian DiPalma film, rigbt around the time of Scarface. Not as violent or anything but all in all a good movie worth checking out. Those are some underrated years, late 70s early 80s.

Its free on Pluto TV if you have a Roku or Fire OTT type device

#5 Re: The Garden » What Antivirus do you all use? » 10 weeks ago

Thanks everyone. I wasnt sure if it was bloatware anymore or worth using. Id installed the free Win 10 years ago, which helped extend that pcs life alot, tho i loved Win 7. Anyway didnt have many issue since. Guess youjizz is a safe site after all too tongue

#6 Re: The Garden » What Antivirus do you all use? » 11 weeks ago

Bumping an old topic,  I got a new PC. Last one was a legend, over 10 years old & I upgraded the RAM about 5 years ago. Still ran, but was cloggy for few hours upon startup.

Anyway, is antivirus still a thing?  Im under the impression its built in better with Windows 10. Any truth?  Also, any free ones or is it only worthwhile to get a paid version.

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » Predictions for the upcoming shows? » 12 weeks ago

I picked Other,. Mostly the same, however I think at some point during the tour they unleash a few new songs, if nothing else to boost ticket sales (not sure how they are selling, but if its low they'll need to do something to inject life). I predict when they do it, they'll bang out 2 or 3 new ones in one show to create buzz, they play them the next few shows. May or may not be hardschool, atlas or previously leaked songs, sooo.....

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » WTF happened to…Catcher in the Rye » 13 weeks ago

tejastech08 wrote:

He wasted so much of his prime after 1993 that I wish he just stayed a hermit and never tarnished the public’s memory of him. We’ve gotten this strange hybrid deal of reclusiveness mixed with embarrassing downward trajectory in stage performance. Would have been cool if he never performed live after 1993, but focused all his energy into releasing as much new studio material as possible.

That's a good assessment. IMHO I'd have preferred he just release a piano solo album of material (TIL, The Blues, Prostitute etc). Plus, like you said, stay a hermit too. Unless it exploded & he sorta had to tour behind it.

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » WTF happened to…Catcher in the Rye » 13 weeks ago

Songs along the lines of Civil War imho.  Should've been treated as such, probably should've been an early radio release for the album.

Overall, needs a cleaner one better final take. Both on the vocals, and final mix. It's a bit jumbled, different sounds & structures and arrangements. It's all over the place. Solo loses alot, although I kinda think the Brian May solo/Holy Grail talk is a bit much.  Lyrics are good, vocals ok, just doesn't seem like a band behind him as much as a backing band for a solo artist (Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry etc)

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