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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » If GNR releases nothing in 2023, is this the end for you? » 13 hours ago

jimmythegent wrote:

Prostitute is just about the only track that lived up to the hype for me. Actually delivers on the promise that Axl’s vision spoke to

Axl's vision...

Do we have any idea what the vision really was?

Have we ever head from the man himself about it? Maybe on the 1999 MTV interview?

My opinion: we always heard  about his vision from people close but never essential to the project of rebuilding Guns N Roses.

None of the band mates, co-writers or producers have ever described the vision.

The alleged auto biography had me all pumped up because of my hope that he would finally clearly describe the vision he *had*.

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » If GNR releases nothing in 2023, is this the end for you? » 8 days ago

James wrote:

I meant Ritz 91.

Any amateur manager would make a REAL blast with Ritz 91.
Its production quality is on the roof, has historic value, guest stars, a great performance and aligns perfectly with the band selling tickets to watch basically the same setlist.

A real pro release with BluRay
documentary on YouTube (think Tom Petty's Somewhere You Feel Free) 
deluxe package with behind the scenes of the show
Making of documentary on UYI plus new interviews with the band on the record (aka the Classic Albums approach).

BOOM. Success.

Unfortunately, Axl and Team Brazil are incompetent enough to not do it.

I really do believe that the end game of TB is to wait for Axl to die and then live comfortably off his legacy. They'll then, and only then, start to release things that have value and can bring real money. How much do you think Apple TV, MAX or Netflix would pay for exclusivity on Perfect Crime doc?

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » 2023 Tour Dates » 8 days ago

elevendayempire wrote:
polluxlm wrote:

I don't know what Roy Thomas Baker problem was when he told Axl he had no hits. I'm listening to the 98 mix of CD (song) and to me that's a fucking hit in 2000. The Blues is a hit. Catcher could be a hit. Those songs were ruined in production.

Roy Thomas Baker telling Axl he didn't have any hits is arguably the reason for the whole fucking mess. Those tracks were perfectly good at the time, and the knock to Axl's confidence prompted the next few years of navel-gazing and self-doubt and reworking and over-production.

We can only speculate on what was the tracklist presented to RTB as A listers at the time, however, if you look at the charts around the time (2000 to 2002) the most "rocky" things on top 10 charts were Nickelback, Santana feat. Rob Thomas, Train, Moby, U2, Creed and Blink 182. Even rock charts were dominated by Red Hot's "Other side" and Linkin Park's "In the end" that, albeit different, fall on the same structure.

All 3-4 minutes catchy poppy songs with light guitars (except for Linkin Park), almost zero solos (except for Santana and RHCP) and repetitive structures.

Of all the tracks we've heard, what would fit this mold?

Only ones I can think of are Perhaps and MAYBE Street of Dreams (the guitar intro version).

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » How do you feel about CD potentially being the last GNR album? » 2 weeks ago

I feel towards the album what I feel about GNR in general: so much wasted potential and too many promises that were just smoke and mirrors.

#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » If GNR releases nothing in 2023, is this the end for you? » 3 weeks ago

Scabbie wrote:

I'm still not with you all. Are you saying hoarders have a copy of what was destined to be the follow up to CD, all tracks (incl. vocals) recorded mixed and mastered? Or just various additional songs to the first album in various states of completion that COULD have been CD2?

What I am saying is that there are alternate versions of Chinese Democracy that were circulated before the album release. These alternate versions contain different songs - at least two that weren't on the locker leaks -, mixes and tracklists.

About the follow up album I have no info whatsoever and would love to hear it or about it

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » If GNR releases nothing in 2023, is this the end for you? » 3 weeks ago

James wrote:
Axl S wrote:

Those leaks in 06 of Catcher and the older versions of TWAT and IRS. That same source was a six song disc/tape transfer that included Hard School, Atlas and Prostitute.

Do you guys remember the shit storm when that CITR clip leaked out in the open? It wasn't supposed to....the clip only existed to use as trade bait.

It took weeks for it to finally leak in full....and it was leaked begrudgingly.

Razz leaking the "checkmate" clip caused a massive shit storm.

These two leaks were showing that there was more material out there....and the lowly plebs weren't supposed to know that.

Look how long it took to finally get Checkmate/Hard School out in the open.

By the way....there was more than one disc.

That's what those two leaks were on the verge of exposing publicly....and had to be shut down.

Yes.... people are going to die with this stuff in their cold, dead hands.

In reality....the fan base is lucky to have gotten as much material as they have.

At least two versions of a finished CD circulated by mid January to June 2001 between Universal execs on what would be GNR major markets at the time (Latin America, Japan, US and UK). During 2002 another version, with added songs was auditioned to promoters prior to the tour.

After the tour cancellation, it was dead silent until 2004 prior to Rock In Rio Lisbon, where the same tracklist with additional instrumentation was circulated again.

Dead silence again until 2006 where multiple mixes and tracklists were circulated with execs and promoters, again.

I believe most of these are in the hands of hoarders and definitely there are people who have it (promoters, execs, PAs, ARs) all around the world who don't even value these or know they are sought after as they received it from basically all major acts.

I know for a fact that a few people in Brazil have a 2001, a 2004 and two 2006 discs. There's definitely more out there.

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » If GNR releases nothing in 2023, is this the end for you? » 3 weeks ago

misterID wrote:

If Se7en and Soul Monster are really in circulation right now, let’s talk

Speculation or insight?

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » If GNR releases nothing in 2023, is this the end for you? » 5 weeks ago

Scabbie wrote:
sp1at wrote:

Still nothing on anything

A recent newsletter on Fortus visiting family, if it's interesting … letter.pdf

I heard a rumour axl might appear on the hot ones, but I don't think there's any substance to it

No substance at all.
It's just speculation based on Vanessa Leveis suggesting Axl on a HotOnes Instagram post.

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » If GNR releases nothing in 2023, is this the end for you? » 6 weeks ago

It was reported briefly in 2006 but was not given too much attention. It all matches: … n-new-york

'Axl was reported to have left the scene with a "crazy stare."'
Unfortunately the blog on MySpace is not accessible anymore.

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