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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » Taylor Hawkins: how I nearly joined Guns N' Roses and other stories » 6 days ago

Foo Fighters also had dates in London in August but by then Brain was already in GNR:

"[Buckethead had] mentioned that he was going to join Guns... At that point Josh [Freese] was doing the gig." (Brain, Rhythm Magazine, 01/05)

"I was with Primus on an Australian tour when I talked to Buckethead... Around that time the whole Primus thing kind of fell apart because it wasn't really working out.... [Buckethead] told me Josh had quit." (Brain, Rhythm Magazine, 01/05)

Last show of the Australian leg was on 04/29/00. Brain would therefore audition for Guns in around May. … 597#p55597

#2 Guns N' Roses » Taylor Hawkins: how I nearly joined Guns N' Roses and other stories » 6 days ago

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It's a good interview/article. … er-stories

GN'R part:

Hawkins actually had a chance to bail on the Foos even before that. The band were in London in support of There Is Nothing Left To Lose when he got a call from his mom back in the States. Someone from Guns N’ Roses management had called asking for him.

“Axl was trying to get together a new version of Guns N’ Roses, and I think he was checking around for people,” he says. “They wanted to know if I would come in and try out or whatever. It was kind of otherworldly.”

Hawkins did what anyone did: he called Roger Taylor for advice. Here he slips into another impression, that of a well-heeled British rock star. “He said, ‘Mate, let me tell you a story…’”

The story was that, in the early 70s, Taylor was approached by former Mott The Hoople singer Ian Hunter and guitarist Mick Ronson. Queen had supported Mott on tour, and the pair wanted to recruit him for their post-Mott band. They were going to call it Hunter Ronson Taylor.

The drummer considered the offer. Queen had yet to break into the superstar bracket, and the offer was tempting. But he had too much belief in the band to desert it. He couldn’t imagine being onstage and looking up and not seeing Freddie Mercury or Brian May in front of him.

“And he said, ‘I see you and Dave onstage and there’s something you can’t buy there. There’s something between you guys that might not be there with Axl Rose.’ And he was right.’”

There was a London Foo Fighters show in 4th March 2000 at Scala:

This fits the date when Josh was leaving/contract was due:

"Drummer Josh Freese has left [GNR] after nearly two years, according to a source."  (Allstarmag, 03/14/00)

The timing supports the notion that both Freese and Howerdel were on a two-year contract with the band like Robin was.

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » 2000 Intentions » 4 weeks ago

The album was already named Chinese Democracy by this time, though.
2000 Intentions would have similar tracklisting, but with songs that range from 97 ~ 1999

The fan made covers are great

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » 105 page PDF (document from The Chairman) LEAK » 5 weeks ago

mrkevinofsacto wrote:

So, this is a summary of the emails and other info? I'm 30 pages in and while fascinating,  it seems just to be behind the scenes stuff from forum leakers, and anecdotes thirdhand. Will the actual emails and docs leak, or are they buried elsewhere in this PDF?

Would you share please? smile

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » Excibit C » 5 weeks ago

Wouldn't it be exhibit?

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » The "Better" video treatment MSL possesses has leaked. » 5 weeks ago

Randall Flagg wrote:

Is this different than the actual video that leaked several years ago?  I have it if anyone is interested

I think it's not a video and just a doc with the concept.

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » When will we hear more vault material? » 5 weeks ago

otto wrote:
Wagszilla wrote:

Place your bets.

Think of all that remains:

- 1995-1997 old Guns sessions
- 1997-1998 Youth / shadow band sessions
- 1998-1999 Rumbo Sean Beavan sessions
- 2001 Village sessions (additional discs not included in Zutaut locker)
- 2002 RTB Village sessions
- 2004 mystery sessions
- 2006 Andy Wallace double album sessions
- 2008 Axl Caram double album sessions
- 2010 CD2 release candidate sessions
- 2014 Axl/Pitman sessions
- Misc. sessions (Oh My God, This I Love)

There’s likely a mountain of discs still out in the wild.

I'd believe that some of the sessions are outputted in sets of ideas (I wouldn't say songs). I'd say it's more like this:

Set 1:
- 1995-1998 old Guns sessions + Shadow band contributions

Set 2:
- 1997-1998 Youth + Misc. sessions (Oh My God, This I Love)
- 1998-2001 Rumbo and Village Sessions with Sean Beavan

Set 3:
- 2002-2004 RTB sessions
re-recordings (repaints) and Axl finishing lyrics and melodies for Bucket and Brain songs (The General, all the instrumentals of the locker discs)

Set 4:
- 2004-2007 finishing touches on a possible double album concept. Maybe Fortus songs added.
2008 was much more for tracklisting and negotiations for CD release than anything else.

Set 5:
- 2010-2014 Stay of Execution tracklisting, finishing touches, additional recordings.

Only in between sets 1 and 4 I believe there was any NEW writing involving AXL.
Bumble, Dizzy and Tommy's materials after 2006 were used for their solo efforts. I don't think there's any Ashba material written for GNR that Axl finished/completed. I can see Pitman and Fortus mainly contributing to finish/write interlude pieces after 2007.

And then there's the 2015 > 2019 sessions that I'd bet are comprised of Set 1 + Set 5 songs and ideas.

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