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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » D Tune » 7 hours ago

Some is interesting but purely instrumental. Some is just average.

Songs like Devious Bastard and Dub Suplex aren't even GNR. They're a long lost pike from Giant Robot. I'd wager my left nut that Prom Violence is a Giant Robot jam. So is Sorry but they turned that into a real song obviously.

I'm in the minority who believes Soul Monster is also in this category. After listening to Zodiac more, I'm leaning towards Giant Robot as well.

These two are essentially finished tracks that have no new GNR "tells" on them....the Finckadelic sound for starters.

How about Tonto and Mustache?

Shit like Shackler's, Real Doll, Dummy are just Bucket sketches....and not the kind from Spain. bucket

Not sure what they were aiming for with stuff like PRL/Thyme.

Oklahoma is still the scorcher of the bunch.

#2 Re: The Garden » Covid 19 » 7 hours ago

Neemo wrote:

I dont know...rushing vaccines doesnt seem like a good long do these things normally take to fully vet?

Rushing vaccines is a recipe for disaster.

Worst case scenario...a literal black swan event.

While I'm not an  "anti-vaxxer", at least when it comes to normal shit, I'm skeptical in this situation.

If I do take a vaccine, under no circumstances will I be first in line.

There's too many risks. You gotta weigh the pros and cons.

One more thing....

If I was in power, I'd make Bill Gates and various others pushing it for profit be first in line....and it's a real dose...not a placebo.

If like to see how hot they are for it under those circumstances.

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » D Tune » 15 hours ago

I love D Tune. Soundgarden's Spoonman clearly an influence.

Interesting how the sessions appeared to be going in this direction for awhile.

Comments from years ago with Slash and Izzy saying Axl wanted to make a Pearl Jam record. I think they just meant grunge in general as Soundgarden is more the obvious influence, not Pearl Jam.

They didn't really know what they wanted to do. That brief period of NIN stuff a head scratcher in hindsight as comments at the time made this appear a bigger factor although it was abandoned quickly.

D Tune was certainly worth finishing. Same with Curly Shuffle and The Rebel.

I really wish they had focused more on these types of songs instead of stuff like Madagascar, The Blues, etc.

#4 Re: The Garden » Covid 19 » 16 hours ago

If the virus is going to continue to dominate,  vaccines are going to be THE issue of 2021.

The issue will be mired in controversy and conspiracy.

A lot of people are not going to take least not in the first wave.

TPTB are really pushing this idea of "The Great Reset".

We're entering another "new normal" like we did after 9/11.  This one is worse though because it impacts all areas of life.

Yeah the US debt too... already out of about to go into overdrive. More stimulus and bailouts will cost trillions.

#5 Re: The Garden » NFL 2019 » 17 hours ago

I watched this last night before going to bed..

Holy shit...has anyone else here watched this since it happened?

This game is a disaster. Much worse looking back on it. I now think it's worse than the previous year's Bills-Cowboys matchup...which was a colossal blowout.

The first half is a mind fuck. I will give credit where it's due....Coach Levy and Kelly coming up with a different strategy and changing the dynamics of your offense was technically brilliant and sounds like a great idea.....

On paper.

Had it been against anyone but Jimmy Johnson and the Cowboys, it might have worked.

Turning the high scoring, "K Gun" offense into something reminiscent of 1960s old school, grind it out football makes little sense.

It quickly dawns on you while watching it....they're afraid of turning the ball over. Bills had NINE turnovers in the previous Superbowl.

The first half is nothing but 2-3 yard runs and 4-5 yard passes. Kelly went long once(incompletion). Kelly has good stats at this point...but they're running in place.

I gotta hand it to the Bills defense. Out of their four Superbowls, this is the best two quarters of football they ever played.

They want to win this one. They know it's the last. Dallas just can't get a rhythm going.

Halftime score...

Buffalo 13
Dallas 6

What happens next completely blew my mind. I don't remember it like this and I wonder if I even watched the whole game back then. I might have been doing something and just checked in from time to time.


Literally within seconds of the start of the second half, the Bills suffer a total collapse. The collapse is unprecedented in scope. I've never seen anything like it before or since.

Thomas fumbles the football and Dallas runs it in for a TD. Thomas is cussing as he walks off the field. He continues to rant, rave, and cuss walking back and forth on the sidelines.

The rest of the game is spent having a tantrum and him hanging his head down obviously crying. He barely plays in the rest of the game and Kenneth Davis has to pick up the slack.

He totally killed the vibe. He should've been ashamed of himself. He also should've been told to go back to the locker room.

The Bills just gave up.

They never recover. The Bills stick to running and 5 yard passes...which isn't getting the job done. In the second half, the infamous "K Gun" offense goes long once(incompletion).

Final score

Dallas 30
Buffalo 13

In hindsight I wish that the Bills had lost the AFC championship game to the Chiefs so Montana could've had one more Superbowl.

I read an article years ago about the 90s Bills being the most overrated team in history. I wouldn't go that far but I'm starting to lean towards that side of the fence.

They were a great team but they were clearly missing something. I think a better coach could've gotten a ring out of these guys. They clearly lacked discipline...the Thomas temper tantrum a great example.

A better coach would also realize when Kelly isn't getting it done and pull him out before the game gets out of hand.

#6 Re: The Garden » The Wrestling thread » 18 hours ago

One notable example of Hogan refusing to work with someone is with Rick Rude in 87-88.

They might have had a one off match here and there... don't remember...but I do know he refused to do a major angle with him.

Supposedly he didn't like the fact Rude worked really stiff. Never bought the excuse because he worked with other stiff wrestlers like Vader, Goldberg, etc.

I always had a feeling it was similar to why he didn't want a major angle with Jake Roberts...

He was worried about the crowd potentially turning on him and the heel getting loud cheers. It would've been a he found out when Jake DDT him at one tv taping and the crowd went nuts. WWF killed the angle instantly and buried the tape.

The story I heard eons ago is if Hogan liked you, you moved up the card. If he didn't, you flatlined.

In Hogan's defense, many wrestlers looked out for their own interests and would fuck someone over.

Remember the Rick Rude-Jake Roberts feud over Rude and Jake's wife?

That's not what it was initially supposed to be. It was supposed to be Rude and Savage over Elizabeth.

Savage shit canned the idea immediately.

Jake was plan B.

In mid 80s NWA, Dusty shit on a lot of guys(Manny Fernandez, Buddy Landell) and played favorites. If someone started getting more popular than him, he'd either insert himself into their story (The Road Warriors, Magnum TA) or nose dive them down the card(Rock N Roll Express).

It's the nature of the business.

#7 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 3 days ago

#8 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 3 days ago

Now Limbaugh is turning on them for promising the moon and failing to deliver.

His mistake was falling for an obvious scam in the first place and hyping Powell to the point he wanted her on the Supreme Court.

It made him look like a fool.

So... I guess everyone's civil war fantasy is dead?

Even if we pretended the extreme hardcore Trumpers wanted to start major shit, there's simply not enough of them left to do anything.

People are walking away in droves by the day. It's already turning into the blind leading the blind. Those types aren't fit for civil wars.

I think this Guiliani/Powell clown show was the last straw for a lot of these holdouts. Even Limbaugh is fuming over this and he has a huge base and influence over people.

Trump is the Titanic. It's time to lower the lifeboats. They can regroup after they've made it to shore.

#9 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 3 days ago

PaSnow wrote:

Yeah, she has a chance to lose. I'm not sure about the other one, I really haven't followed too closely, I just find it a challenge to win 2, but having 1 unlikeable rich senator who used their position for insider trading is probably the best situation Dems could be in, trying to win Georgia.

In normal circumstances I would fully agree that the Dems have less than a snowballs chance in hell of of picking up two Senate seats in Georgia.

This isn't normal circumstances.

On top of the momentum of the Biden win/Trump loss, the Republicans are in a state of chaos thanks to Trumpism in critical condition.

Half of the Trump goon squad are telling Georgia voters to not vote for the republican candidates due to them being involved in a liberal conspiracy.

The other half of the goon squad telling them to vote.

This is confusing as hell to Trump supporters. They believe the election was stolen from the next logical step is to double down and go along with the goons screaming liberal conspiracy.

Without high voter turnout for those candidates, the Dems will win. The Dems are united on this issue. They want the Senate and they're not going to waste time, money, and resources in Georgia whining about conspiracies.

If the Republicans don't cut Trumpism loose right now I predict they lose both seats.

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » Chinese Democracy is 12 years old » 3 days ago

Hard to believe more time has went by since its release than how long we waited for its release.

Some of those leaks were exciting.

I wish the Village Sessions leak had happened in 2004-05. A leak of that magnitude would've sped up the albums release.

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