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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » Will new music be released in 2020? » 5 hours ago

AtariLegend wrote:

Also Ain't Goin Down is included. Ain't Goin Down is deff not a demo. Though tbh it would have needed different lyrics not to be b side material.

That song was a major disappointment when I finally heard it.

It was one of the songs Del hyped in his "massive epics and balls to the walls rockers" descriptions.

You guys are making me nostalgic. I may have to listen.

I should. Hell....I listened to this last night along with some other punk bands.

As much as I loved the 70s and 80s as a kid, I would've killed to experience it as an adult in NY going to those clubs.

What an incredible moment in time.


Didn't someone claim years ago it was supposed to be 4 albums originally? ...Or was it that Axl wanted 4

Like skydog said, it's technically four albums already but yeah...they mentioned it in some articles back then.

God bless em but it wasn't feasible. Box sets back then were not a regular thing like now and the Zep box was like 70-80 bucks....a lot of money back then. That Queensryche set was like 50 and all it was is a concert.

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » Will new music be released in 2020? » 5 hours ago

Another must read is the June 91 issue of RIP magazine with 'The making of UYI'.

The insane hype oozing from that article almost drove 16 yo me completely insane.

Hard to believe it was only a little over a month later that I saw them in concert.

Wish time still went by that slow.

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » Will new music be released in 2020? » 15 hours ago

Was there ever a point early on it was supposed to be 1 album?


Quite the opposite, it was almost another album.

The original track list announced had three versions of Don't Cry(the demo) , Ain't Going Down, and 5-6 of the songs that wound up being on TSI.

Someone must have realized quickly that this was going overboard because when the release date announcement happened like a month later, it was changed.

I was bummed.

For starters, I wanted to hear 'Why Do You Look At Me When You Hate Me?'.

Imagine my surprise when hearing Get in the Ring. It was pure cringe.

I'll say it til I'm dead....the songs excluded from UYI should've been B sides for the singles. The only one that was is the Don't Cry demo.

They were the worst major band when it came to b sides.

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » Will new music be released in 2020? » 28 hours ago

A UYI doc would be good.

Not so sure about this anymore. This is where things like the passage of time, not really caring about the 'brand' or its legacy, and divergent agendas avalanche into a huge ball of shit.

All you'd get is the small handful of chestnuts....

Sorum: What's with the piano!

Slash: the rough mixes I've been hoarding for 30 years are so much better.

Duff: I was drinking so much that a few years down the road I blew my pancreas!

Adler: They kicked me out during the recording and they were using drugs too!

Axl takes a picture of his shoes or something as his contribution.

Izzy won't be involved.

They're not going to do it.

We're seeing the consequences of a major band that ignored its legacy for decades. Even when they want to do something, it'll be limited in scope and likely something its own fans aren't excited about.

I feel like Black, Ten, Achtung & Nevermind prolly rank ahead of it for 91

The older I get, the further down the list it drops for me too. The only thing I respect is its ambition. While the band was a cunt hair away from falling apart, they were essentially recording three albums.

There would've been a killer story to tell about 1992.

One more thing....were not getting The Perfect Crime either.

Lemme ask ya this....

Who in GNR is going to sit around for potentially weeks editing that into a cohesive documentary?

Hell.... current management would never touch that with a ten foot pole...and I can't picture Axl, Slash, or Duff caring enough or having the attention span to follow through.

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » Will new music be released in 2020? » 2 days ago

misterID wrote:

I'm wondering if the majority of Brain/Bucket stuff were only instrumentals and ideas. I think Shacklers was a mash of like three different Bucket tracks from the last set of demos.

The wackiest revelation from the Village sessions.... Bucket isn't recording with GNR as a cohesive unit.... Giant Robot is bringing instrumentals to the Chinese buffet.

Leave it to Axl/GNR to ruin the existential vibe of Sorry and turn into a Slash rant.

What happened, it comes out, and to me, its still pretty similar.  UYI would be interesting, but I'm not really interested in hearing many of the songs again, and outside of any legendary remixes or rerecordings, it couldve been morphed into 1 Guns box set.

If they're not bringing the infamous rough cut of the albums to the table, I'm not buying it.

NOW is the time to unload that.

As a third disc/DVD include a show that should've been released 28 years ago instead of Tokyo.

Fourth disc include various outtakes such as the Adler session, Adler on YCBM, and if there's no plans for a TSI anniversary set, include the two unheard songs from those sessions.

#7 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 8 days ago

Drop the insults. I didn't spot the fag insult but that is funny coming from Mitch....who had a conniption fit years ago when it was mentioned.

We're all've all known each other going on 20 years. Play nice.

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » Goin Down appreciation thread » 11 days ago

Me too. It was in heavy rotation in my house a few weeks ago.

It's definitely loaded with some cheesy lyrics but its still one of the best solo albums from GNR members.

#9 Re: Guns N' Roses » Goin Down appreciation thread » 11 days ago

As for So Fine...meh...should have been a Duff solo song or b-side GNR

It's perfectly interchangeable with the Duff song 'Could It Be U'.

Have Axl sing....

Saw your gaze
It put me in a haze
It was amazing
I saw a little girl
Put me in a whirl
Just left me gazing

And it's basically the same song....

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » Matt Sorum's book leaks online. » 2 weeks ago

slashsfro wrote:
James wrote:
FlashFlood wrote:

We’ve been discussing this a bit...remember GnR was booked to open for the Rolling Stones Spring/Summer 2006? I think the shows ended up being rescheduled and GnR were not a part of them. Makes you wonder if it was related to the near-reunion.

The Stones had a thing about wanting major acts as openers. How much more major can you get than a reunited GNR? The last shows of the original band were opening for the Stones(Farm Aid excluded).

I wasn't surprised that went tits up. CD era GNR wasn't the same and no surprise that the Stones had no interest in that.

Wasn't the infamous drunken Slash visit to Axl's house around 2005 or 2006 as well.

Yes. Slash goes to Axls house.... supposedly Axl won't see he whines to Beta about how Duff is spineless and Axl is stronger. lol

Me thinks this was a desperate attempt by Slash to get the reunion back on track.

There might have even been an attempt to get something going in 2002 but that also blew up. He did nothing on that tour but rant about ex members and clearly didn't want to be there.

I'm kinda interested in what the hell was the sticking point in 2005/2006 that caused them basically to go their own seperate ways for close to 10 years before finally reuniting.  Must have been about the partnership agreement/ and the name.

When looking at Slash's description of Duff(spineless), I've wondered if Duff Mr. Financial Guru Mckagan got a tad too big for his britches on the money, partnership, etc. aspect and this ruined the whole Slash comes running over drunk and practically on his knees begging for mercy.

Before cooler heads can prevail....we've got a plan B and badly planned CD tour underway on Axl's side of the fence and VR's round two on its way as well.

Fast forward a year and change, the album is treated as a throwaway beer coaster and fast forward one more year, a never ending series of CD tours that don't really amount to anything.

The planets just couldn't align properly again. Once 2014 rolled around, it was obvious the new GNR concept was completely out of gas and no reason to continue it....

....then the planets conveniently start aligning.

He was stubborn that's for sure. After the reunion, we heard from one of the ex tour managers that he was already thinking about reunion in 2011 but the time wasn't right.

Yeah the time was right.... five years earlier.

I used to think Finck bailed in 2007 due to frustration over the album. I now believe a big part of it was he saw how close a reunion had been before that tour, saw no movement on the album, and sensed the writing on the wall.

I also think Brain walked away for similar reasons.

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