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#1 Re: The Garden » The Wrestling thread » 20 hours ago

I'm in January 87 right now.

I'm not going to lie....this is a slog to get through. Obviously I know it vastly improved later in the year (summer?) but it's clearly in a state of flux now that the Starrcade feuds are wrapping up, and in some cases, being forced too long.

It's just an odd period.....

The early phase of Luger's career when he's really green

Ivan debuting the Russian Assassin. The NWA is trying to push him as an indestructible monster. One problem...he's pure shit. Zero wrestling skills. Nobody cares about the potential feud with Nikita.

This is when Nikita's career starts sliding. The huge cheers are dwindling. Dusty and Nikita are still together of course but it's not a major thing. I know it gets a second wind later on with Wargames but I didn't remember his slide happening this early. He should've went to WWF at this point.

This should've been the moment Windham gets the title from Flair.  They don't know what to do with him. He's in an odd ball tag team with Ron Garvin...and they're the US tag team champions. In other words...they're ranked as the second best team in the NWA. The belts are being wasted on them. I don't remember how long they hold the belts or who beats them. I'm pretty sure it's the Midnight Express. Going on simultaneously is Windhams feud with Flair.

Rick Rude and Raging Bull are the world tag team champs. I have a new appreciation for them. It's a quirky team with the worst manager in the NWA. It somehow works. Unfortunately for them, it's a short reign and they don't gain much momentum. Their short amount of time is mainly wasted on the Rock N Roll Express.

This team begs to be in a tweener role where they fight heels too... Midnights, Andersons, etc.

Out of nowhere and while still champs, Rude bails out and goes to WWF.  It worked for him but holy shit what a risk that was.

They're still wasting time on scaffold matches at house shows for the Road Warriors and Midnight Express. It defeats the purpose of the concept. If it's so dangerous and risky to be sanctioned, why are they having them in every town on the house show circuit? The cherry on top is the Road Warriors never lose them. There's no suspense.

The rise of Big Bubba is great to watch in hindsight.  I had forgot that a big part of that rise was due to his feud with Dusty during the Bunkhouse of the worst concepts and PPV ideas ever. What in the hell was Crockett thinking by pushing this crap during the golden age of wrestling and while trying to compete with McMahon? Nobody cared. I feel like fast forwarding every time it's mentioned.

Ric Flair is in feud with Nikita that's wrapping up, a new feud with Windham, and of course Dusty always has to be in the mix.

I'm starting to join the group who believed Flair should've turned at some point during this period. Yes the Horsemen are the greatest heel stable in history. There's a problem though and it's been a problem for awhile....

Fans are tired of booing Flair. They want to love him. While Flair was a tweener, majority of his opponents were always faces. Turning Flair would give him a shit ton of new opponents. It would breathe new life into his run.

Doing this would alter so many things that it's hard to imagine doing it. It probably should've happened a year earlier.

Rock N Roll Express need to move on...which I'm pretty sure they do at some point this year. The act is stale and they went overboard pushing the teenybopper aspect. Various contests and other bullshit. Fans... specifically guys...start turning on them.

I'm not going to skip any(yet) but I hope they settle in properly leading to the main angles of 87.

#2 Re: The Sunset Strip » What Are You Listening To? » 39 hours ago

jimmythegent wrote:

One for the many Soundgarden fans on this forum - Kim Thayil and Matt Camerion guesting on The Pretty Reckless (Taylor Momsen band). Pretty cool, and one of Thayil's best solos in years. Where's Ben!

I just downloaded this album. I'll give it a spin tonight.

I've always wanted to like this band a lot. They're serviceable but it's a tad generic.

She has more potential than what this particular band brings to the table.

#3 Re: The Sunset Strip » Chris Cornell - No One Sings Like You Anymore Vol. 1 » 39 hours ago

Wagszilla wrote:
James wrote:

Split the profits evenly.

14 14 14

I’m unfamiliar to who deserves credit for what but no Chris Cornell, no Guns n’ Roses.

I know music doesn’t sell for shit these days and Soundgarden isn’t exactly a huge act but $300k? For what? Permission to use “I was in Soundgarden” on your club show tour?

They shouldn't have lowballed her. It was just begging for more drama and litigation.

While Kim and Ben wrote a decent portion of the songs, yeah it's definitely not Soundgarden without Cornell.

They are worth millions in revenue. This isn't a GNR situation with a small vault. They're currently fighting over the newer material unfinished for one final album.

After that, they've got a couple more album deluxe editions and a box set of demos... maybe two if they scrape the bottom of the barrel. Then take into account all the live footage. Then take into account using their songs in commercials.

It's why she's so focused on controlling the Soundgarden name and material.

It's worth a lot more than any Cornell solo material.

#4 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 2 days ago

It wasn't long ago people seriously believed California would go back to Mexico by the year 2000.

The more realistic scenario which gains a bit of traction every few years is splitting Cali into two states. In that scenario, the south would likely become what's been referred to as Mexifornia/Calexico.

I'm not fond of that idea either although I'm surprised that a lot of Republicans don't push for it. Northern California has a lot of Republicans.

Cruz's plans to run for president again are dead. No one likes Cruz, even the people who voted for him.

I think he's burnt toast now and will just coast through the rest of his term. If he has any political future, it's at the state level.

He should resign but he's not going to just give up his position willingly. He will rage against the dying of the political light.

Trump's political value is torched. The environment that put him in office has changed and was a weird, once in a lifetime moment

I'll pull a Clinton by agreeing and disagreeing with this.

The rise of Trump was a lightning in a bottle quirk of fate....but.... we're still in an environment  where an unconventional/outsider candidate can rise up to the presidency. If things continue to get worse, it increases the chances of such a scenario playing out.

Our culture is obsessed with celebrity.  The past couple decades saw two celebrities outside the political sphere become governors....Ventura and Schwarzenegger. Various athletes such as Kevin Johnson and Steve Largent have become congressmen and mayors. 2015 saw the rise of Trump.

We are not at the end of this trend.

As you guys know, I have predicted for years that The Rock will eventually run for the presidency and probably win. He will be the left's version of Trump.

We're one step closer. Last week, The Rock said he would run if the people want him to run.

Already setting up the angle...."The People's President".

It's pretty obvious Biden is a one term president. He's the transitional president between Trump and whatever comes next.

Kamala is not electable. She was polling at what?.....1% during the primaries? Tulsi made a fool out of her during the debates. If Kamala runs in 24 and wins the nomination, I predict Cali goes red. People here hate her and it's a miracle she had that Senate seat.

In a scenario with the president not running and an unelectable vice president, its wide open on both sides of the fence.

Matt Gaetz is laying the groundwork to run for President and is desperate to get the Trump vote. That will be a hilarious mess!

The Republicans are not fleeing Trumpism so we're more than likely to see a Trump in 2024. Many believe it will be Jr. I think it will be Ivanka.

Then you've got the types like Gaetz, Cruz, and Hawley who want to use the Trump base to rise to the presidency.

Then there's people like Romney and Paul...more standard Republicans who need that base but wish to go more towards the center.

The Dems don't have anyone good. Tulsi has potential but the DNC will never allow her to get the nomination. Types like Hillary and Kerry are no longer feasible so the door is wide open for a Rock type candidate to come in.

One more thing....

The Dems and the their desire for ratings and to have a convenient target to rile up their base, are really playing with fire by focusing so much on Boebert and Marjorie taylor Greene.

If these two are as incompetent as it appears, the correct and smart approach would be to ignore them and let the Republicans deal with the shit show themselves. Instead, they are giving these two near constant coverage....which gives them more power and influence than they deserve.

If they don't stop with the Trump style coverage, these two are future senators or governors.

#5 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 3 days ago

The timing of all this is pretty ironic. Texas was seriously contemplating succession or at least floating it out there. They have done this many times and don't mean it. But now they're asking for federal help.

The talk of succession from any state is beyond idiotic.

If I happened to be president and Texas politicians started mouthing off about succession, I'd immediately have them placed under arrest, address the nation regarding the seriousness of their desire, and have execution on the table as punishment.

Succession means instant war until the state is back in the Union. It's serious shit. It NEVER should've been allowed to become a partisan talking point or something to whine about between elections.

I say this periodically but we need another Teddy Roosevelt to save the country before we go over the cliff. Our current politicians on both sides are nothing but spineless, incompetent cowards who grovel at the altar of corporations and billionaires and are less than worthless in the event of a crisis.

The handling of Covid....yes by both inexcusable and unforgivable. Imagine these clowns in power during one or several of these scenarios....

- Major terrorist attack such as a chemical/biological/nuclear attack on NY, Chicago, or Miami

- The complete collapse of the dollar

-An Ebola pandemic spreading through the air

- Russian invasion of Europe or Chinese invasion of Taiwan and strikes at Guam, South Korea, and Japan

- A climate disaster such as Antarctic ice sheet collapse into the ocean, Yellowstone exploding, Hawaii blown to smithereens

- The "Big One" in Cali

The thought of these people in control during any of those crises is absolutely frightening.

We need change.....REAL change.

I'd gladly trade Pelosi and whoever else likes to engage in gridlock on the Dem side so that we can move forward but I'm just not sure it's that simple

While highly unlikely, one scenario I'd like to see play out this year is a few moderate Republicans jump sides, put country over party, and caucus with the Dems. For starters it would prevent one specific politician from having too much influence over legislation. The next two years are critical in taking a few baby steps to get us back on track.

We aren't going to survive with more of the same partisan gridlock while pretending to care about the plebs while licking corporate ass.

If we don't see change and see it soon.... we're going to see a scenario start to take shape that leads to a 2024 election of The Rock vs Ivanka.

Republicans will never win the national popular vote again. When you can deny a 7 million vote lead it only emboldens them to continue to pursue this strategy.

While things certainly look bleak at the moment, every few years we hear about the imminent death of the Republican party.

I remember after Obama won, various experts were saying that a republican would never win the presidency again in our lifetimes.

Funny how that worked out.

This country is broken. If we don't get on the right path, we're going to get another celebrity president to help send us deeper into the abyss....and there's a 50/50 chance it's a republican.

#6 Re: The Garden » The Space thread » 4 days ago

Here's a Forbes article about the upcoming missions of 2021...

Three space missions from the UAE, China and NASA have now arrived at Mars. “Hope,” “Tianwen” and “Perseverance” may have reached the Martian system and are now poised to explore it, but what happens next for space missions in 2021?

Try this: NASA returning to the Moon’s surface, construction of a new Chinese space station, the first-ever mission to smash into an asteroid—and a nervy launch of humanity’s most expensive and important space telescope yet?

Here’s everything you need to know about eight spectacular space missions planned to launch in 2021:

1. China’s biggest-ever space station

Name of mission: Tianhe

When: March 2021

Even as Tianwen-1 orbits Mars and readies its rover, China could be launching the first parts of a massive space station. Tianhe (“heavenly river”) will be the first of six quick-fire missions to finish the Chinese space station by 2022, some of which will carry taikonauts (Chinese astronauts). This first module with lift-off from Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site on the island of Hainan on a Long March-5B Y2 rocket.

2. NASA returns to the Moon

Name of mission: Peregrine Mission 1

When: June 20, 2021

To make its flagship Artemis program of Moon missions successful NASA needs to send a bunch of cheap, but risky science experiments to the Moon’s surface. First up in NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services is Peregrine Mission 1, built by private company Astrobiotic. Its Peregrine Lunar Lander will take 14 payloads to Lacus Mortis, a large crater on the near side of the Moon. It will launch on United Launch Alliance Vulcan Centaur rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

3. The first ‘asteroid redirect’ mission

Name of mission: Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART)

When: launch between November 24, 2021 and February 15, 2022 (updated by NASA)

What would we do if we knew a near-Earth object (NEO) was headed for Earth? Could we deflect it? Seeking to find out is the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART), a mission from NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) to crash into a binary asteroid called Didymos and Didymoon that will pass close to Earth in October 2022. The idea is to use a technique called “kinetic deflection” on Didymoon, essentially by crashing a 500kg spacecraft into it, and in doing so slightly change its trajectory. DART will launch on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

4. NASA probes a lunar lava tunnel

Name of mission: IM-1

When: October 11, 2021

Also due to launch on a SpaceX Falcon 9 from Cape Canaveral is NASA’s IM-1, a 14-day mission that will see the Nova-C lander touchdown near a collapsed lava tunnel in Lacus Mortis—the “Lake of Death”—a large crater in the Moon’s Ocean of Storms. Part of NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program and designed by private company Intuitive Machines, IM-1 will also test a precision-landing system.

5. A journey to Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids

Name of mission: Lucy

When: October 16, 2021

“Lucy” will be the first-ever spacecraft to explore Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids—ancient small bodies that orbit behind and ahead of the giant planet. Its 12-year mission will go something like this: get close to a small asteroid called 52246 Donaldjohanson in the Main Asteroid Belt (between Mars and Jupiter) in 2025 before visiting five Trojans in 2027 and 2028, then swinging back around Earth on its way to a final Trojan in 2033. It’s thought that the Trojans could hold clues to understanding the early Solar System and give clues about the origins of Earth’s organic material.

6. ‘Webb’ finally launches

Name of mission: James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

When: October 31, 2021

Astronomy’s long-awaited and much-delayed new flagship space telescope is, at last, on the cusp of flight. A generation in the planning, and costing about $8.8 billion, the JWST or “Webb” is rated as 100 times more powerful than the Hubble Space Telescope. Its sunshield will be arranged origami-style inside a fairing atop an Arianespace Ariane 5 rocket that will depart from the European Spaceport’s launch complex in Kourou, French Guiana. Its mission? Observe the first galaxies, directly image exoplanets around saint stars, and generally change everything we know about the cosmos.

7. NASA tests the world’s most powerful rocket

Name of mission: Artemis-1

When: late 2021

NASA wants to go back to the Moon by landing the first woman and the next man on its surface in 2024 as part of the Artemis-3 mission. That’s ambitious, but the Biden administration seems keen, so it’s go for now. In preparation, Artemis-1 is an uncrewed flight test mission that will see the first test of the Orion spacecraft, European Service Model (ESM) and NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS)—the most powerful rocket in the world (but so far untested). It will launch from Complex 39B at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, orbit the Earth, then Orion and the ESM will fly to the Moon and enter an elliptical orbit that takes them from 62 miles above its surface to 40,000 miles beyond it. It will splashdown off Baja, California.
8. India’s second attempt to land on the Moon

Name of mission: Chandrayaan-3

When: late 2021

India’s budget Chandrayaan (“mooncraft”) missions to the Moon are back. After having found water on the Moon with 2008’s Chandrayaan-1, Chandrayaan-2 crashed into the Moon in 2019. Cue Chandrayaan-3, a repeat mission that see a lander and a rover sent to land on the Aitken basin at the Moon’s south pole.

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) plans to launch Chandrayaan-3 in late 2021 from Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) in Andhra Pradesh. It’s slated to cost under $100 million. … 1bf1d05aa2

#7 Re: The Garden » The Space thread » 4 days ago

Holy shit.....


That is a picture from the skycrane lowering the rover to the Martian surface. After the skycrane lowers it to the surface, it snaps the cables and then launches itself away from the rover and crashes.

Just unbelievable technology.

We could do so much more with a bigger budget.

The best cameras haven't even been turned on yet. I think those start up in a couple days.

Fingers crossed for the helicopter to work. Within days we should be getting sound.

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slashsfro wrote:

You guys want to know that hilarious part of this? Vince wanted to sign him AGAIN even after all that.  In late 1997 after Bret left, he once again offered Warrior a lucrative contract.  Warrior declined and signed with WCW in 1998.

Years later, Vince was asked why he offered/wanted to sign Warrior again and his answer was: I don’t know. I guess I’m a glutton for punishment here.

The Attitude era is completely different or might not even take off in a scenario where Warrior is on the roster.

Only reason he didn't ruin WCW is he was only brought in for one purpose.... for Hogan to get his win back.

Once that was over...and it was a fiasco...they tossed him aside.

They wanted to bring in Yokozuna for the same thing. He was simply too far gone weight Wise for it to happen.

In hindsight it's so crazy how they had the Goldberg phenomenon in overdrive yet allowed Hogan and Nash to do everything in their power to essentially kill WCW.

In 98 when they realized that they had something special going with Goldberg and shitloads of other young talent like Jericho, Benoit, etc it was time to phase out Hogan, Nash, Hall, Savage, and some others.

The NWO angle was beyond played out at that point.

#9 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 4 days ago

slashsfro wrote:

There is nothing wrong with Pelosi

Yes there is.

She is the left side of the aisle's McConnell. Only difference is she blocks shit in the house while he does it in the Senate.

She should've been forced to resign or at least step down as speaker a couple months ago when it came out she was preventing stimulus being passed in the leadup to the election because it would help Trump.

Someone....on either side....who would do that cares absolutely nothing about the American people. Zilch. Nada

She bitched about CA residents complaining about them wanting to go out and do frivolous things such as getting a haircut during the pandemic. She's then caught going to a salon.

She's worth hundreds of millions of dollars. She's almost 80. She is completely out of touch with her constituents.  How many more years does she need to suck up to her corporate donors and reaping the rewards?

She needs to exit stage left. Now.

she's nowhere near Feinstein.

What's happening with Feinstein should be a scandal yet they all keep quiet about it. In a nutshell it shows how truly broken our system is under the surface.

She can't remember meetings she goes to and she just sits there like a statue. The country (and the system itself) depends on this person having to make decisions and crucial votes.... especially in 50-50 split.

This is unacceptable and should be the top news story every day until she is removed.

I mean O'Rourke whom he defeated a few years ago acts more like a Senator than he does.

I don't really like him although credit where it's due....he stepped up to the plate during this crisis.

I believe he's controlled opposition. He had a legit shot at Cruz two years ago until he started mouthing off about taking everyone's guns and the religious digs.

Anyone who wants to win in Texas... whether it's dog catcher or Senate....knows not to threaten to take guns away from Texans. It's a miracle he didn't lose by more than he did.

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