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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » LEAKS THREAD » 316 weeks ago

Can someone here send me via PM the Puerto Rico 2010 Proshot, Silkworms and the This I Love remix, please? I didn't get any of these leaks.

#2 Re: GN'R Downloads » Proshot of San Juan 2010(20secs on YouTube) » 467 weeks ago

FlashFlood wrote:

I'm not convinced that the footage is not just shot off of the screen at the concert with a soundboard audio dubbed over it.

Actually, it's a proshot from the feed of the Video Screens and the audio is soundboard.

#3 GN'R Downloads » Proshot of San Juan 2010(20secs on YouTube) » 467 weeks ago

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Proshot of San Juan 2010 (20secs on YouTube):

So guys, as there were rumors about the Proshot of this show and I decided to do a more thorough search, because it is one of the shows I like the most of the "after-2000" era and also because we do not have many proshots 2010, I got a proof that the Proshot of this show really exists, having a great soundboard audio. I managed to find that proof when I discovered a video on youtube very well hidden because of the name, having 20 seconds of the Proshot. With that, let me share the video with you and ask you to enjoy it on Youtube and / or disseminate, share the video so that it becomes more popular, so that someday this Proshot be released or leaked:

---> Please, do not delete this post since the content is available on YouTube.

We need to spread this video so the Proshot of the whole concert be released by its owner!! Let's win this Proshot! Let's win this cause! We MUST have a 2010 proshot, because we deserve it!!!

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