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#1 Re: The Garden » Chris Cornell dead » 112 weeks ago

James: I am really sorry for your loss as I know you were a big fan. I wasn't, as you may know. However I did feel affected by his passing. I don't really know why.
In regards with Vicky I have very mixed feelings about her, especially after that letter you posted. This letter left me cold. It's all crafted, and like you, I question the reason why she wrote

Moreover, he said that if Chris had taken his own life, he'd done so unknowingly.

#2 Re: The Garden » Chris Cornell dead » 113 weeks ago

Ragnar wrote:

Death was ruled as suicide. This hit me harder than I imagined.

It still feels hard to believe. He had everything... But it seems he struggled with depression when he was young. Maybe his depression had returned.

#3 Re: The Garden » Chris Cornell dead » 113 weeks ago

Some sources say it's suicide. I mean, WTF?  sad:(

#5 Re: The Garden » Chris Cornell dead » 113 weeks ago

My friend just posted about it on FB... Couldn't believe it at first, I was hoping he was talking about another guy called Chris Cornell. Unbelievable.

#6 Re: The Garden » R.I.P. E-Fish » 115 weeks ago

I remember him too. He was a very active poster back in the day... He was posting everywhere, HTGTH, GNR2K, Jim Bob's FInck forum, etc... A nice guy.

#7 Re: The Garden » Apple Cider Vinegar » 125 weeks ago

Yeah, I used to buy some to keep my stomach acid down. I sometimes use it in salads, instead of regular vinegar.
You have to dilute it, put about 1 cl in a glass and add water, then drink it. smile

Hope you get well soon. smile You could try ginger+lemon + honey

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » Which Guns N' Roses Original Member Are You? » 128 weeks ago

SLASH - The guitar god, standing proud, leaning back, playing some orgasmic tune.

Wow, who would have thought? 16

#9 Re: Management » Is This Forum Dying? » 130 weeks ago

Yes, Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram, SnapChat etc are slowly finishing off the forums as we know them...

What also kills some forums is spam and overprotective measures against spammers. I registered at a site sometime ago... I was really keen on posting there at first. I was told my account was to be approved... I waited, thinking it would be like in the old days, you wait a few minutes/hours and tada! You've been approved and you can start posting. But it never happened. Days and weeks passed. My account was never approved. I thought, no wonder you got little to no activity. How do you expect people to post if you take 6 months to validate accounts? You should at least give a chance to posters. You can still ban them later if needed.

The only boards that I see as still active are support forums (with a lot less traffic than in 2007) and I think that's about it.

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » Will we hear new music in 2017? » 133 weeks ago

Rather unlikely...

Do covers qualify as 'new music'? tongue

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