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#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » Robin/Tommy demos » 41 weeks ago

Bucketheader wrote:
Axl S wrote:
Bucketheader wrote:

Was it? He also said a lot of other stuff that didn’t pan out too. Do you think he sat there the whole time with song lists when we asked him? Seriously. I have heard this song before, labelled as Motormouth Rough. I also had some Village Gorilla head songs not labelled, but obviously found out later that’s what they were.

So what do we call this DEMO?! It’s not Monstrosity, it’s clearly not Bite Your Tongue, it’s definitely not Going Down. Go on then, give an answer. Because I’m the only one coming up with plausible straws.

Give us a straw oh mighty Axl S.

We’re waiting.

Didn't claim to be mighty. Just saying the Fortus interview where this song is mentioned has been debunked and Axl confirmed it as fake in forum chats. Anyway dude this thread is getting derailed now, so I'm leaving this alone now.

Here’s the thing. Maybe if people like to argue, and not go “oh hey, that’s actually an interesting thought there!” then we can maybe build a better timeline.

How do you know that Motormouth wasn’t circulated at one point. A song called REAL DOLL DOT COM is a fucking title, which is stupid as fuck, yet something as plausible as the title motormouth:

1. A person who talks too fast and too much. The fast talker won't wait for a break in the conversation, they just overtalk everyone else.
2. A bad actress who rushes her lines because she's afraid of forgetting them.

motormouth (third-person singular simple present motormouths, present participle motormouthing, simple past and past participle motormouthed)

(intransitive, informal) To talk very fast or incessantly.

Now give a definition of.....real doll dot com. ??? …

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » State of Grace clip » 43 weeks ago

To my ears this sounds like Hard School 2.0, but a little less promising

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