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5 Signs pointing to the possibility of Guns N 'Roses to release a new song for the new movie' 'Terminator: Dark Fate' '

A few days ago at a Guns N 'Roses forum, one person reported that a source working on' Terminator: Dark Fate 'reported that four members of Guns N' Roses were working on a song for the upcoming Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

We have raised some signs that may make this rumor stronger.

1st Slash going to record at Axl Rose's house: Everything indicated that it would be for the band's new album, but additional information reported that Slash went to work on just one song.

2 ° Axl Rose in studio for 3 weeks with Caram Costanzo: The initial information was that the singer was working on a new material and leftovers from Chinese. However, it was found that Axl Rose may have entered the studio to finish a hasty material.

3rd Movie Release Date (November 1st) is the same day as one of the band's most expensive shows: When Guns N 'Roses announced this year's mini tour, we reported that the shows in Las Vegas (January 1st and 2nd) November) drew attention for the high value of tickets ranging from $ 3,100.00 to $ 5,470.00 (current price). Another detail is that the two shows will be held in a small venue at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, which seats just over 4,000 people. This show will have some similar demands to the first meeting of the Troubadour meeting.

4 ° The NME website contacted Guns N 'Roses to verify the information and the band staff declined to comment on the matter. If it were totally false, wouldn't it be easier to deny it to stop the rumors?

5th Cachet of the band would be higher for 2020: Reports indicate that the band should play in Europe next summer, however, the information coming is that some festivals negotiate with the band, however, the cachet would be higher compared to the last pass of the band. band over there. Repeating the same show on the same continent for the 3rd time is not that attractive to increase the cache, right?

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