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#1 Guns N' Roses » Axl Rose 44th Birthday - CD » 18 weeks ago

Cerulean wind
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"The braided rocker was with bandmates and a bevy of beauties wanting to keep his 44th birthday bash going. Rose was so eager to get inside the club that he offered the owners a little bribe - an exclusive listening party for his yet-to-be released album, 'Chinese Democracy.'" (NY Post, 02/12/06)

"As a sign of his gratitude, Mullineaux said Rose sent someone to his hotel room to retrieve two CDs, each one containing 10 tracks. [...] Mullineaux, who said he manned the DJ booth and spun the discs for Rose, said several of the tracks reminded him of classic GN'R, with moments of uncharacteristic heaviness. Axl 'kept telling me to put back track #3 '” I guess that was his favorite song,' he said." (MTV, 02/23/06)

DISC ONE: (Leaked almost in full)

1 - "Chinese Democracy"
2 - "Madagascar"
3 - "Better"
4 - "I. R. S."
5 - "Riad N' The Bedouins"
6 - "If The World"
7 - "The Blues"
8 - "There Was A Time"
9 - "Prostitute"

10 - "Silkworms"

1 - 9 leaked in 2008.
10 can be found w/o BBF overdubs.


1 - "The General"
2 - "Oh My God"
3 - "Shackler's Revenge"
4 - "Going Down"
5 - "Lies They Tell"
6 - "Atlas Shrugged"
7 - "Catcher In The Rye"
8 - "Soul Monster"
9 - "Sorry"
10 - "This I Love"

2 & 4 can be found w/o BBF overdubs.

'He wanted to play that one over and over, like six times. He was really getting into it and rockin' out. Everybody was surprised at how good it sounded. And that third track, that was the song where his voice sounded the best; the smoothest.'

[...] 'He said this album will show everyone who was the main ingredient from GN'R. He was freely answering questions about his work, the band, what happened with the split, the direction he's headed in” and the music sounded great.'" (MTV, 02/23/06)

#2 Guns N' Roses » Leron Frèi has wrote a review about the new album "2020" - Fake?? » 29 weeks ago

Cerulean wind
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First of all, several comments (from strange nicknames and users) on Instagram wrote something like this:

UMG - GNR 2020 [12-2020]:

1 - Roll On 2 You
2 - Feelin' It
3 - War Schemes
4 - Monster Of Soul
5 - Benny & The Jets
6 - Shrugged
7 - Hundred Skies
8 - Forgotten
9 - Here Today
10 - Riders Out Of Sight
11 - Hard School

The comments indicates December 2020.


But a few days later, Leron Frèi has wrote a review in french:

It is strange to hear the first new chords of Guns N Roses after more than a decade without new material. It is strange to hear, again, Axl's voice, much sharper, without rasp, except in certain sound landscapes. It's strange to hear McKagan and Slash in the same formation. The stylistic change since Chinese Democracy is strange, no matter how much a decade has passed. It's strange to hear the prominence of McKagan's voice in three of the eleven songs. In fact, it is strange to be listening to a new album by Guns N Roses. Welcome to the new decade.

The first thing that comes to mind is to listen to the stylistic change. There is very little of those rhythm machines, that futuristic sound, close to NIN with which Rose flirted from 1994 to 2008. There is nothing left of that. We are witnessing a return to a more basic Rock & Roll but not for that, less glamorous, less titanic, less powerful. Here is the opposite, Guns N Roses proves that it is a machine in perfect working order. Not for that, they had all those rehearsals live on the world famous Not In This Lifetime tour. Frank Ferrer is possibly the great new revelation in this album. Recall also that Richard Fortus, Dizzy Reed and Melissa Reese also contribute theirs. They are not only a capital part of the show, but also, of the album itself, which has Slash, Duff and Rose as the main protagonists.

2020 also reveals itself as a compact disc, direct and openly. Possibly, recorded between dates of the world tour. If Chinese Democracy was a methodically prepared album, this is precisely its counterpart. Old Rock & Roll, different from AFD, its flagship album and different from its works in the 90s. "I would have loved to sing what you thought," is the phrase with which Rose kicks the board, just before the GNR machinery starts up with a great rock hymn entitled 'Roll On 2 You'. A high voice but this titanic beginning deserves nothing more; It is a perfect opus for this new album. The Rock & Roll was waiting to be revived and this song has all the spells necessary to make them reborn. "Today I was born, well I'm leaving. I hope you hear about my appearance, when you no longer hear my voice." Personally, it sounds like a great song to kick off the concert. Then, great riffs ensue, without so much epicity, far from those riffs of almost 40 years ago. Do not expect a new AFD. This is a work that shows some excellent and mature musicians. This is McKagan, Rose and Slash's album. It is a great Rock album but adult. The most 'pop' and close to Use Your Illusion is the slow and lethal riff of "Feelin 'It", which is self-revealed, possibly, as a great single. It has all the ingredients, despite being a small song although with great interference from keyboards, strings and even sirens. "I don't like to give it any effect, or modify its voice, its changing sound is perfect, and that's how I want it." It is a song to a guitar or directed to a girl? Simple, direct and at the foot. You do not need more and yet, we are facing the best song Rose has written, possibly since the '90s. And yet, it is Slash who takes the applause in that melody.

What impresses me the most after having listened to the mp3s, is the protagonism of Duff McKagan, because he puts his voice in three of the eleven songs of the disc. That's where those who suggest that Guns N Roses is only the Axl band are wrong. Possibly, Duff has never written something as beautiful, as acoustic, as perfect as "Here Today", the only ballad, although pop, throwing an electric runaway, suggests a sunset on the beach, a postcard of some time far ago. A guitar in the distance and even sounds of waves and seagulls at the end. It is my favorite song and the one I was listening to the most. "And when the senses get lost in the sand, I know that I will raise my mind towards universal consciousness, towards the sidereal emptiness." Simply beautiful. This is Guns N Roses, ladies and gentlemen. Many memories evoked from an era that no longer exists.  Something tells me that this song is not only from Duff, but Rose's pen also has a lot to do. Thinking about these parameters, it is quite illogical to see how some melodies fail in your message. "Monster Of Soul" and "Forgotten" are the worst songs on the album. They are repetitive and their sound / intention is not consistent. Above all, when Slash's multiple guitars seem to want to take off and honestly, they fail in the attempt. Organs and synthesizers fail in their function. And the string quartets only remain as mundane arrangements, adding more dissonance to those melodies lacking Rose's swing. Another song that seems to want to take off but at least, it succeeds, only during the final bars to the "military march", is McKagan's "War Schemes" where the voices of Axl at the end and the drums, indicate that it could have been a theme epic but only takes off in the last 40 seconds or so. It reminds me of an "If The World" but more sublime, better achieved. Nice song but it could be better. Great.

Above the rest, I will only say that they are great songs. They are not going to change the world but it is a kind of union of all the good things about GNR, including the rasp in most of "Bennie & The Jets," which seems to roll back to the 1989 Axl. I don't want to ruin the party. It's a great album with epic moments of almost a minute but it's still the great sound of the most dangerous band in the world. Axl's high-pitched voice during the epic finale of "Riders Out Of Sight," a cross between Alex Turner, NIN and Paul McCartney's "Road." Those are the happy, sweet moments of life. "Shrugged", the famous "Atlas Shrugged" and "100 Skies" are also great, simple but exciting songs with the voice of McKagan as the main one in the second one. "Shrugged" has some "Street of Dreams" and "Catcher In The Rye." Indeed: it belongs to the same era. It is epic to see that conjunction of meetings, of songs. Of guitars and certain string mattresses. But without abusing them, only at different times, very punctual. And for the end, there is a very direct rock and roll, bordering the punk rock that contrasts with "Riders Out Of Sight", the previous song. "Hard School" sounds more like "GNR Old School". A principle that seems to get caught up with the supreme and grand finale of "Riders ...", with the post-apocalyptic tone and a direct, simple melody, without blemish. All cautions made, every chance was given. No effort spared to save what we had "while Ferrer's battery bleeds. Simply, the best ending for an album.

Some are going to ask themselves:" For this we wait almost twelve years? "And I will answer:" Yes. Listening to 'Roll On 2 You' or the only frantic guitar of Slash in 'Hundred Skies',' worth every damn second. I don't want to advance anymore. A great album is coming and hopefully many more will come.

Personal favs: "Feelin It", "Here Today", "Hard School", "Bennie & The Jets", "Hundred Skies".


And later, a japanese blogger has wrote something like this - MOST LIKELY FAKE AS HELL:

They circulate in the hands of drastic and oriental, and to the entire songs of the new album by Axl Rose and his GNR. A very good live rock and roll with high spikes in Rose's voice with "Feelin 'It" and the impressive closure with "Hard School", one of the songs that leaked this past summer. Well, it's a great album with two successful singles insured. the list of topics is 1 - Roll On 2 You (3:45) 2 - Feelin 'It (3:26) 3 - War Schemes (4:11) 4 - Monster Of Soul (5:06) 5 - Bennie & The Jets (5:37) 6 - Shrugged (4:01) 7 - Hundred Skies (2:59) 8 - Forgotten (4:37) 9 - Here Today (3:56) 10 - Riders Out Of Sight (6:28) 11 - Hard School (3:51)



Remember that HARD SCHOOL and BENNIE AND THE JETS has appeared on the alt setlist in fall 2019.
SHRUGGED has leaked in a demo form in 2019.
MONSTER OF SOUL has leaked in an instrumental form in 2019.
FORGOTTEN has appeared in an alt setlist with the New GNR.
WAR SCHEMES, HUNDRED SKIES and HERE TODAY are reported to be Duff songs.
So, the only new tracks from Axl Rose are ROLL ON 2 YOU, FEELIN' IT and RIDERS OUT OF SIGHT... only 3 songs?!?!


I hope this info is fake. I expect a double album.

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » It's happening. » 33 weeks ago

I think this is a high possibility of a great brand new LP coming.

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » It's happening. » 33 weeks ago

I've just found a comment. Just fake:


#5 Guns N' Roses » It's happening. » 33 weeks ago

Cerulean wind
Replies: 98 … hare_sheet

Europe x South America 2020. The next chapter is F'n coming ?? Lisbon, Munich, Hamburg, Vienna, Berne, Warsaw & Dublin get your presale tickets now

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » The Best of Rough Mixes Disc 2, Round 6 » 35 weeks ago

This is my only account

Pro Towel Waver is a totally different person (from Ireland I think?).

Please, stop the off topic.

#7 Re: The Sunset Strip » Disney+ » 35 weeks ago

Why the US people watch so much tv?

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » The Best of Rough Mixes Disc 2, Round 6 » 35 weeks ago

The biggest problem here is that Quick Song is way better in its 2001 mix by RTB.

Freese loses here.

So, I will pick that song.

#9 Re: Guns N' Roses » New Album Thread » 35 weeks ago

I really doubt we gonna get new music... but seeing Hard School on the alternate setlist makes me wonder if a new session recording has really happened in 2017 or so.

Either way, we have to content ourselves with this 19 rough mixes CD's from 2001.


These are the only 21 songs listed for an hypotetical CD 2 release:

1 - OH MY GOD (Already released... in 1999!!! BBF made some overdubs)

2 - SILKWORMS (Final mix played in a club in 2010; BBF made some overdubs)

3 - THE GENERAL (Final mix played in a club in 2010; BBF made some overdubs)

4 - ATLAS SHRUGGED (Only real known outtake from the official "Chinese Democracy" in 2008; BBF made some overdubs)

The following songs were referenced by Axl or other members/hoarders. Unsure if new tweaks were made on these tracks:

5 - HARD SCHOOL (First snippet leaked in 06; Beavan version leaked in full in 19. Possible re recording with Slash. Alternate setlist track.)

6 - PERHAPS (Unknown until 2019; Beavan version leaked. Unknown if this song was out of the A list.)

7 - THYME (Marco Beltrami has made an arrangement on this in late 02 after RTB has left. Unsure if this song have lyrics. It has a first part called "P. R. L.". )

8 - EYE ON YOU (Unknown until 2019; Beavan version leaked. Maybe incomplete. Unknown if this song has receive new overdubs through the years.)

9 - ZODIAC 13 (Referenced by Rose himself and Bach. Instrumental version from Beavan and RTB with Mantia on drums leaked in full in 2019. New version with vocals recorded after 2002.)

10 - STATE OF GRACE (Unknown song until its leak in 2019. It has vocals. Unsure if new overdubs have been made on this.)

11 - BERLIN (Instrumental version from Beavan sessions has leaked in 19. It has vocals; alternate song in RIR 2001 under its old name "Oklahoma".)

12 - SOUL MONSTER (Instrumental version from Beavan sessions has leaked in 19. It has vocals. Marco Beltrami has made arrangements on this.)

13 - QUICK SONG (Several instrumentals and "vocal" versions leaked in 19. One "vocal" version came from the Beavan sessions. It has vocals.)

14 - GOING DOWN (Tommy Stinson song. BBF made some overdubs on this.)

15 - NOTHING (Axl version with "vocals" has leaked in 19. Beavan version).

The following songs were not leaked (even in its instrumental form) or were not highly rated:

16 - SEVEN (Confirmed by Mantia and Axl. Marco Beltrami has made arrangements on this).

17 -  IDES OF MARCH (Confirmed by Mantia and Axl.)

18 - TONTO (Confirmed by MSL. Instrumental version produced by Beavan leaked in 19.)

19 - LIGHT MY FIRE (Confirmed by MSL.)

20 -  CUBAN SKIES (Confirmed by MSL.)

21 - MONSTROSITY (Confirmed by MSL. Tommy Stinson song??)


We can expect more songs...

What if GNR is making a double album ala UYI?! They already have +21 songs.

Maybe, even, we can confirm Hard School would be on this new release.

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