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#1 GN'R Downloads » The Joint 2001 (audience recording request) » 45 weeks ago

The Pro Towel Waver
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If anyone who was at these 2 shows and filmed them, i would be interested in speaking to you about it, and maybe obtain it.

#3 Guns N' Roses » New Leak! » 74 weeks ago

The Pro Towel Waver
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Guns N' Roses unreleased promo pro shot video of Live And Let Die from 2006

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » Matt Sorum's book leaks online. » 75 weeks ago

no links, no simple solution. sorry not my opinion, it's the mods who edited my post opinion

#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » Marc Canter Live Chat on Discord! » 75 weeks ago

CubanSkies wrote:

Marc Canter will he chatting LIVE tomorrow, Sunday, June 1st at 4pm PST / 7pm EST with the largest GNR fan community on Discord, The WAR Room.
We’re calling on all fans to join and tell Marc what you want from an upcoming member site that will provide access to the entire vault from ‘84-‘87. Our goal is to create the most comprehensive origin story on GNR and the making of AFD. Join us and let us know what you want!

lol "entire vault from ‘84-‘87 " keep dreaming ladies and gentleman. Canter isn't gonna deliver.

#6 Re: GN'R Downloads » The Village Remixed » 76 weeks ago

cant wait for the rest of the remixes! Prostitute, Perhaps, and CD are my favorite so far!

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » '96 Album - The Original Leftovers » 77 weeks ago

AtariLegend wrote:
Sky Dog wrote:

I think some Izzy tapes

Yeah, but where? tongue

This the most interesting thing in a while. It's CD whispers material.

the tapes showed up online in early 2019, but the tapes were handed back to GNR management before a sale was made

#8 Re: GN'R Downloads » I NEED YOUR HELP » 80 weeks ago

was that your attempt at offensive comedy? man you are like 45 years old surely you knew that would make us cringe, no?

#9 Re: Guns N' Roses » AFD 5.1 blu ray surround mix » 80 weeks ago

CubanSkies wrote:

Shut up Towel

shut up hoarder, but seriously has anyone got what i was asking for? if so then shoot me a PM

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