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#1 Re: The Garden » NFL 2023/24 season » 6 weeks ago

James wrote:

That was a pretty good wild card weekend. Dallas getting throttled the highlight.

Im so sick of the NFL turning into the Taylor Swift show. It's beyond ridiculous. I had to skip that game after they showed her a handful of times. I can't stand that look on her face. She gets off on it.

My team didn't make the playoffs. CJ stroud was pretty awesome this year. The best consolation prize was GB handing Dallas their asses. I'm rooting for Bal and TB.

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » The General and Monsters » 7 weeks ago

evader wrote:
AgesOfTheIce wrote:
harmon420 wrote:

I'd love to hear their version of monsters. That lead guitar on the Vienna clip sounds about as epic as it gets. Soothsayer vibes.

I really want to hear the part right before the solo, where it sounds like most of the music stops and Axl repeats the chorus again. Shame that didn't make it to the final version.

Harmon, me too.  But are you sure you heard an epic solo on the Vienna clip? All I heard was a rather simple solo I always thought was played by Finck.

AgesOfTheIce, you are correct. A vocal section was omitted, but I'm not 100% sure it was Axl repeating the chorus.

Not sure at all to be honest. Could totallly be the Fink man doing a rather simple note prigression. Either way I love what I can make out. I spun your version quite a few times as well. Good to hear from you again. 5

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » The General and Monsters » 7 weeks ago

misterID wrote:
Sky Dog wrote:

axl Back to The General….so, I’ve really started to love this song. The subject matter is pretty heavy since it is likely about the child abuse Axl  suffered. It’s about the mental conflict going on in his head which is why you get the tempo changes, vocal changes, etc. The ending actually makes sense to me now. It’s a cry of pain and defiance. The chaotic shredding matches Axl’s chaotic wailing.

It’s Axl’s primal scream therapy. John Lennon’s best solo album Plastic Ono Band is really fucking heavy and came out after Lennon went through his therapy.

Maybe I’m way off but that’s the cool thing about Axl’s lyrics, he keeps us guessing on what the song is actually about.

I really want to hear Robin/Bucket’s version. Bucket, Robin and Brain really stretched Axl as a songwriter imo

I'd love to hear their version of monsters. That lead guitar on the Vienna clip sounds about as epic as it gets. Soothsayer vibes.

#4 Re: The Sunset Strip » Rock of Love exposed as a scam » 8 weeks ago

realworldroadrules wrote:

Carlos Los Jackson
Veronica Portillo
Dan Setzler
Kevin del Mar
Mark Long
Tonya Cooley

What about Yes?  Or Tek for that matter

#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » Using AI to give Axl Rose´s voice back » 8 weeks ago

Sounds great. I loved the vr instrumentals with axls cd vocals, but this is another level.

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » The General and Monsters » 9 weeks ago

Sky Dog wrote:

Boards are bone dry….no upcoming tour….no known plans for an album…aye

Yep. Feels like we're in for a 2004 like year. Drip feed realeases have dried up. I doubt there's much hope on the leak front either. Looking forward to the same Atlas on the locker leaks in 2025. 9

Edit* with some "aye"'s pasted on to the mix

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » Christmas miracle? » 10 weeks ago

How about Monsters ver 5 (melodic bucket lead) w/out vienna crowd noise.

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » random question re: Better » 10 weeks ago

misterID wrote:

I honestly think those 06 leaks were the Andy Wallace mixes. There was no reason not to release it then. Most frustrating thing about that line up. Perfect moment to strike, all they needed was Bucket and all he wanted was for Axl to release the album

From the music we've heard from that period, it's understandable why so many of the players in this era had frustrations. Any iteration from 00 to 06 would have been a killer album. Instead they kept copy and pasting to the point these amazing songs evolved into unrecognizable mediocrity in regard to their original form.

#9 Re: Guns N' Roses » The General and Monsters » 12 weeks ago

T.Axl wrote:

In 2016, MSL was interviewed by a Brazilian blogger, saying that "'The General' is absolutely amazing and I hope and pray that it is on the next album. This is definitely my favorite from the next album out of all the ones I've heard.". … roses.html

I'd like to know what this version he got is like, how different it is (or not)......

Sounds like someone playing an angle. I'm starting to think the hoarder's motivation was to keep the fanbase from finding out these tracks are just okay music and nothing special.

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » The General and Monsters » 12 weeks ago

James wrote:

Yeah..why half ass it when you finally reach the point you're gonna release it?

The fact Axl and Slash went to that studio on tour to listen to mixes makes it even more perplexing. I'd like to have been a fly on the wall in that room.

At least it's out. You cam actually go online and hear it after 20 years of wondering about it.

Now let's get the next song on tap! 16

I'm to the point that I have no sell the lunacy that has become the now long tenured, status quo. Everything since spaghetti has been a head scratcher production wise. The Beavin sessions were really great and the RTB mixes are IMO the apex of the band post Slash and Duff. Yet we got what seemed to be an on the fly version of CD. Those village instrumentals certainly fueled my alternate reality scenarios regarding what could have been.

Even if an Eye on You (bucket take 3, version Tom likes) is on tap, I'll gladly quench my thirst. I feel like I could obey my thirst better if a reheated, leftover version of quick song was next on tap though.

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