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#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » Reading, United Kingdom - August 27, 2010 (Reading Festival) » 722 weeks ago

I'm going to this, one of my group has had to drop out - so I have one day ticket for Friday Aug 27th (Reading) for sale... please PM me if you are interested! big_smile

#3 Re: The Sunset Strip » Robert Plant & The Band of Joy » 722 weeks ago

saw him in 2002 at glastonbury and again in 2005 at the albert hall with strange sensation. He's still got it, vocally and definately still has immense stage presence. Some good tracks on mighty rearranger (shine it all around) - I'd def recommend seeing him, its pretty thrilling hearing and watching him sing live. esp when he cranks out a bit of classic zeppelin!

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » Oslo, Norway - June 2, 2010 (Oslo Spektrum) » 728 weeks ago

hope you enjoyed the show overall despite that.. I got pretty carried away when they started - four years since I last saw them felt like a long time! dj really impressed me also. Are you going to any more shows this year?

#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » Oslo, Norway - June 2, 2010 (Oslo Spektrum) » 728 weeks ago

Only in CD for me, and the first song is always a bit of a gamble on sound at most gigs. By the end of it and Jungle, I heard him fine.

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » Oslo, Norway - June 2, 2010 (Oslo Spektrum) » 728 weeks ago

well it was a last minute trip for me and I couldnt get a standing ticket online, got a seat that ended up being front row of the first seated section and slightly to the left of centre stage - amazing seat really!  Unlike most GnR shows I had the perfect view! i liked the venue, wasnt too big. Esp as Reading will be a festival show, I really wanted to see them at a smaller indoor place if possible. And thank you to the volcanoe for behaving itself last week...

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » Oslo, Norway - June 2, 2010 (Oslo Spektrum) » 728 weeks ago

Yep madagas, here i am!  I really enjoyed the show, had a blast. Seems I was lucky with the sound where I was, judging by other reviews. I heard Axl clearly and well (apart from a couple of bits, in my orig post), and he sounded really fucking good, and the rest of the mix wasnt too muddy at all. Guitars sounded good, esp DJ and richard. It was better sound than other places I've seen GnR, I know how frustrating it is when you cant hear shit (either onstage playing or in the audience trying to hear).
I didnt expect many more CD songs to be played, sure there's more I want to hear live, and hopefully I will at another show (sounds like Scraped was added in Russia btw). Sorry and TIL were so damn good though, and the CD songs really came over well. But indeed, the majority of the crowd will want to hear the older hits too. I have a friend coming to Reading only to hear Sweet Child and Paradise city...
It was a cracking show and I'm really glad I went.

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » Oslo, Norway - June 2, 2010 (Oslo Spektrum) » 730 weeks ago

Am going to Oslo, really looking forward to this! It's only next week!

#9 Re: The Garden » Britain's Gordon Brown to resign as prime minister » 731 weeks ago

That was 3 years ago, a lot of shit has hit the fan since.  I dont think Britain will crash and burn as a country alone if thats what you mean, but there is some way to go. How that is going to come about with our new Con/Lib Dem coalition government here will soon be apparent i guess.  The EU and our part in it will be interesting (?if that's the word?!) under a government other than Labour.

#10 Re: The Garden » Britain's Gordon Brown to resign as prime minister » 731 weeks ago

well... its a hot potato here. we can all see what Greece is going through and its unravelling more and more across Europe.  Other countries are as close eg Spain, Portugal and indeed UK. We are in bad way socially and economically and I dont believe being so entrenched in the Eu has helped .  I believe the trade movement between the Euro countries should absolutely continue and be strengthened, but as for the actual EU - I think we need to seriously re-evaluate what we put in and what we get out.  There are benefits of course, but Britain has punched way above its weight as a country for too long and lamentable decisions by Labour like not staggering the amount of Eu workers that could come and work here on an annual basis (example being new member countries eg poland), has fucked us quicker than most.  I welcome anyone and everyone to this country that wants to be here or have had to escape here from their own countries wars - but the basic fucking logic is that Britain is fucking tiny land mass wise - esp compared to US (!) - but even compared to France, Germany etc - so why on earth wouldnt you want to ensure that as much preparation as possible was done before literally hundreds of thousands of people come here to re-settle?  What we have now is severe lack of affordable housing, massive strain on public services, huge welfare dependant society,  community tension, a lot of our court rulings are overturned by Brussles (deporting criminals etc - against their Human rights dont cha know.)  We were signed into the Lisbon Treaty without a referendum (which was promised in an election manifesto - ah ha ha, and look what happened when the Irish got one, and then another til they voted "correctly...") and we have been forced into becoming part of a super state that has and will continue to drastcally alter what Britain is and how its run.    Remains to be seen what our new government will do - but I'm personally glad Labour are out.

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