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#1 Re: The Garden » Current Events... » 10 weeks ago

Neemo wrote:

Damn...retaliation attacks started against Iran

We gave them 3 days notice. Fuck around and find out. Iran loves to poke the bear.

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » The General and Monsters » 10 weeks ago

Miguelox26 wrote:

Guys Axl said it years ago, The blues or Street of dreams is about Dylan and it was the message he wanted him to read when he grew up, he lived with him and treated him like his son, those are memories of Axl who doesn't know if only They are that, memories of a past that only lives in him, there is the interest that Dylan as an adult would listen to it, as a reminder that he once played his father!, his father.

Got a source?  This seems off. It's definitely not about Dylan.

It's either about Stephanie or I can see those that make a case about it being about Slash in some aspect. But definitely not a little boy.

#3 The Garden » Merry Christmas ya filthy animals » 15 weeks ago

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » Christmas miracle? » 15 weeks ago

We are GNR fans. We will get coal and then argue among ourselves about which version of the coal was better.


Shacklermyrye wrote:

One of the Reddit mods is allegedly a member of TB or affiliated with them. I'm not surprised they would shut down convo on this or ban people for mentioning it. Did they ban Rick? I know he asked Fernando on there about it, fair play to him for that

Mojo was a mod on there for a bit, I dunno if he still is.

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » Haters » 22 weeks ago

dave-gnfnr wrote:
Bill Brasky wrote:
Kikkoman80 wrote:

I wanted to know something....I'm Italian and here there are some forums where some people say that CHINESE DEMOCRACY is a bad record. I get pissed off because it's a great record. If you listen to it it's a great record. In my opinion Anyone who says it's bad doesn't understand much.
What do you think?

Sir Caram aka the butcher. Put so many layers of sound with bad dubs and poorly inserted Bumbleefoot gutairs that what was once clearly a natural sounding album became a copy paste nightmare.

Now bob luwdwig is clearly a master at his craft look no further the the brother in arms dire straits re release.
Sound perfection.

Evil Joe is freedom fighter so the blame
Falls on Caram as it should.

But we are all entitled to opinions.

Caram couldnt even mix hard school right
It sounds like Axl is singing through a tin can and string and Slashs guitar  sounds like a midi file

Axl is always loyal to the wrong people.

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » eye on you disc? » 22 weeks ago

Bill Brasky wrote:
darknemus wrote:

A. I don't claim anything.

B. I don't believe there is another 'village disc'

C. I had no specific goals other than mild amusement.

I have yet to see one scintilla of evidence of this fabled 20th 'village CD'.. and honestly I think a large part of why people think it exists is because the # 19 just seems 'weird'. Show me actual evidence and I'll reevaluate my opinion.

Take the absolute randomness of all the songs on the 19 discs.. do you think for some reason disc 20 had all the 'good stuff'? like.. what would lead you to draw said conclusion WHEN COMPARED TO how the material was spread among the other 19 discs. Let's say there is a 20th disc.. for all we know its 10 mixes of "Quick Song".. see what I'm saying?

I swear this band and the antics within it and surrounding it cause people to just say "F it" when it comes to even the most remedial of critical thinking skills.. boggles the mind.

And I'll state, YET AGAIN - if I had something you didn't have.. you'd have it.. because I don't play those games.

Thank you for response and sir I'm not talking about the 20th disc.

There's a helluva alot more then one disc out there.

What was leaked or acquired by the Mississippi playboy is just a page of the menu and the menu is the size of a classic dinners.

Sir i encourage everyone to read between the lines also read the amazingly well researched and written Chinese whispers.

Many of the individual artists who worked on said material  have spoken in detail regarding the fact they kept working on the same songs over and over and have stated the estimated amount of completed full songs.

Now some of us old timers remember after the 02 tour that Axl took his ball and went home and only briefly did some recording in 06 in new york city.

We also can remember after Jeff leads nyt article came out that umg wasn't paying for anymore studio time by 2005.

That's just a brief verifiable statement.

Once again thank you for your response.

He also did some recording in 2007.

Honestly I don't think Dark would be one to hoard. Maybe he would try and play I got this to get that but at the end of the day he would most likely share it. Though I could be wrong. But I suspect some other names in the community would be more inclined to keep things for themselves or small circle of friends.

#9 Re: Guns N' Roses » The General and Monsters » 22 weeks ago

Furbush wrote:

Lil help?

Blast from the past. Welcome back dude.

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » The General and Monsters » 22 weeks ago

polluxlm wrote:

Monsters showing up out of nowhere suggests there is something more in play than just the Perhaps vinyl.

7-inch records can hold between 4-6 minutes of recorded music on each side

Yeah, the Atlas single. It's gonna be Atlas/Monsters. And then probably done. Rumor was Atlas was suppose to drop in November. Would have closed out the tour with the release.

I just won't buy into an album or anything like that. It was always gonna be a few songs.

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