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#1 Re: The Sunset Strip » Black Panther » 13 weeks ago

Just saw BP too. I thought it was good. Really good. As good as the hype? Close. Nothing blew me away action wise. But very entertaining.

Everybody is forgetting poor Blade. First marvel trilogy and black lead superhero.

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » Guns N' Roses planning new album - 'It's too good not to happen!' » 42 weeks ago

I still wanna hear the full checkmate or whatever it's fucking called now. Potential there, always thought so.

#4 Re: The Sunset Strip » HBO's A Game of Thrones » 47 weeks ago

Randall Flagg wrote:

So we're less than 3 weeks out. 

Who is going to die this season?

My list:

1.) The Sandsnakes - anyone connected to the Dorne Betrayal.  There's just no room for them in the show's story. 
2.) The Mountain.  Cleganebowl! get pumped.  Dany's able to take King's Landing.  Cersei and Jamie may live, but Cersei's zombie won't
3.) Euron Greyjoy.  He's the most evil of any character introduced yet, though I don't know if the show has properly captured this.  The show can't have the White Walkers and Euron in season 8, so he's got to go.
4.) Benjen Stark.   Technically he's already dead, but I think he's going to go permanently this time saving Jon and his companions on their voyage north.

I'm sure a lot of others will go, especially with that ranging with Jon and the 11 others beyond the wall in the previews.  But those 4 I'd put money on won't be alive at the end of the season.

My big problem with this season is that if you recall, Jeor Mormont already sent the hand of a wight to King's Landing in season 1.  No one gave a shit.  So why will Jon and his company bringing back part of a dead wight matter?

Littlefinger will die by the hands of Arya. If she gets home there is no way she won't see through his bullshit. I have a feeling Jon won't be at Winterfell much this season or he would do it himself.

And I think Jon and company are going to try and capture a wight. It's the only way to get people not of the North to believe.

#5 Re: The Garden » Chris Cornell dead » 50 weeks ago

Wagszilla wrote:

I've been rediscovering Audioslave. Wow.

That's a jam man. One of my favorites. I actually went to go buy the first record cause my cd is pretty ragged and it was surprisingly sold out.

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » Guns N' Roses planning new album - 'It's too good not to happen!' » 50 weeks ago

Neemo wrote:

Sweet...29 Tuesday's left in 2017!



I heard the follow up to CD will be called Guns 'N Roses - Sharia law ... here is the rumored artwork … -pamir.jpg


Haha. That is gold.

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » Facebook Announcement » 51 weeks ago

harmon420 wrote:
dalethirsty wrote:

really surprised we haven't heard i.r.s. yet. slash and duff could learn the song in 2 minutes and they'd fuckin' jam on it.

I've been holding my breath to hear this lineup's take on I.R.S. Even if Axl is having a mickey type voice night, I still think it would sound pretty killer.

That's what I'm saying. IRS was the closest we got to an older guns sound on a rocker on CD. I just in vision it getting dirty and better.

#8 Re: The Sunset Strip » Greg Allman dead at 69 » 51 weeks ago

Blasted the fuck out of Whipping post  when it came on the radio. Just one of those perfect songs. Sad day.

#9 Re: Guns N' Roses » Did the 5/25 Announcement live up to the hype? POLL » 51 weeks ago

monkeychow wrote:

You guys seem to only be talking about the video that wasn't as misleading...what about the other one from May 20. It said:

The Beginning...

1976 - Slash moves to LA
1982 - Axl moves to LA
1985 - Duff moves to LA

June 6 - 1985 Band played at troubadour

Occt 10 1985 - Paradise City

Aug 23 1986 - Performed at Whiskey A Go Go

Jul 21 1987 - Appetite for Destruction Album Released

Aug 1 1987 - First video Welcome to the Jungle - shot in hollywood

Aug 14 1987 - Dec 19 1988 - Appetite for Destruction Tour

June  3 1988 - First Numer One Single - Sweet Child Of Mine

Sep 7 1988 - Performed Welcome to the Jungle at the MTV VMAS

November 24 1988 - GNR lies Album released

Feburary 1989 - First Band in 15 years with 2 records in the top 5

September 11 1989 - January 22 1990 - Favourite Heavy Metal Hard Rock Album , Favourite Heavy Metal Hard Rock Artist, Best Heavy Metal Video

January 20 1991 - July 17 1993 - Use your illusion tour

June 19 1991 - You Could be Mine

August 31st 1991 - Sold Out Wembley Stadium

September 10 1991 - Don't Cry Single released in USA

September 17 1991 - Use Your Illusion Albums released

June 2 1992 - November Rain Single Released

September 7 1992 - November Rain wins video vanguard award

May 1993 - Best Selling Hard Rock Artist of the Year Best Group

Novermber 23 1993 - The Spaghetti  Incident Released

1996 - 1997 Slash and Duff Leave GNR

Jan 1 2001 - May 16 2014 - Chinese Democracy Tour, Chinese Democracy Album, Up Close and Personal Tour, Appetite for Democracy Tour


April 1 2016  Duff Axl Slash Reunite for Not in this Lifetime Tour

June 13 Tour Kicked off in detroit


The whole video only gets to NITL in the last 13 seconds....and it is mostly about album and single they post "The Beginning" - then the same day they post this stuff about how it's not over....

This is actually the one I saw. My immediate thought was maybe something was gonna happen but 2 seconds l thought probably more US dates. I don't expect anything of the band anymore. I just enjoy the music and have a little hope for the future. The days of expecting something or being pissed or bummed that something didn't turn out to be are over for me.

#10 Re: The Sunset Strip » Most Recent Movie You've Seen » 52 weeks ago

King Arthur Legend of the Sword. It was not as bad as most critics are saying. It's pretty good but could have been much better. Didn't regret buying the ticket.

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