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#1 Re: The Sunset Strip » The Boys » 2 days ago

Loving season 2, not a fan of the weekly format either. Now laser my fucking tits. Homelands steals the show again this year. Such a greta performance. Intrigued where its gonna go. Ive never read the comics.

#2 Re: Management » Buzzsaw » 4 weeks ago

He could be allowed back after some time. For now he is banned.

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » Tracks on the album better than the Rough Mixes » 4 weeks ago

davegnfnr2k wrote:
AgesOfTheIce wrote:
James wrote:

This is why I will never bother listening to a fan edit of including the vocals on the demo.

The instrumental has a chilling doom and gloom, existential vibe to it.

It deserved so much more than being a song aimed at Slash and other "enemies".

I wish Bucket or someone had stood up to him and said that the lyrics aren't acceptable.

Having said that....

One of his best lines ever.

I kinda disagree with this. I think what makes Axl a great songwriter is how personal he is, and we know his hatred of Slash was a major obsession of his for almost two decades.  I would rather he write about what he's feeling than try to write something more substantive if he's not into it. Sorry might come off as petty but he's pouring his emotions out there.

sorry has some really cringe lyrics
like i don't want to do it
or ill kick your ass like I said

the chorus is great but that is about it
some of the lyrics are good but at least 50% could be better.

BHs great guitar work was wasted.


Agreed here. Such a great bluesy solo. I always thought the forever and a day line in prostitute was cringe too.

#4 Re: Management » Buzzsaw » 4 weeks ago

AtariLegend wrote:
Sky Dog wrote:

Why was he banned? Everybody related to those threads should be banned if that is the case. Buzz isn’t a cancel culture liberal? Is that the reason?

He was actively trying to get banned. Read through the posts.

It's nothing to do with his political views and entirely down to do with baiting and trolling. He's wanted this for a while. His wish was granted.

Pretty much this. Its an endless circle jerk. He was given plenty of leeway over the years. I reached my limit.

Nothing to do with political views or any of that non sense.

#5 Re: The Garden » Haha » 4 weeks ago

Lol never stops. I banned you Buzz. Im sick of all this bullshit. If anyone decides to reverse it, so be it.

#6 Re: The Garden » The new and God willing improved politics thread » 4 weeks ago

IRISH OS1R1S wrote:

Before this is closed I would like to see some action taken on Buzz. I've had enough of him. A warning to give it up at least. I urge you to click on his post history. It's ridiculous and borderline stalking. Weird.

I hear you and will bring up what to do with certain members as well as this thread. Locking for now until the rest of the team weighs in.

#7 Re: The Garden » Mods Can We Ban Buzzsaw? » 4 weeks ago

Do you guys get tired of this circle jerk? On a forum standing on two broken and barely usable legs none the less. This thread will bring nothing but the usual drama fest.

Rocky,  whoever you might actually be, Irish is right. You stroking the flames. But then again this thread was gonna catch fire as soon as it was posted.

I do favor closing the politics thread for good though and I will post about in admin and hopefully all agree. But I won't keep this thread open any longer.

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » Matt Sorum's book leaks online. » 16 weeks ago

That and Dizzy fucking Reed being the macdaddy.

#9 Re: Guns N' Roses » Matt Sorum's book leaks online. » 16 weeks ago

Its Matt Sorums book in case you're wondering. Leaked online.

#10 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 16 weeks ago

IRISH OS1R1S wrote:

And apparently I'm a homophobe because I asked someone if buzz was a good kisser, lol. Like seriously how sensitive some folk are.

I have no problem with bans once it is fairly dished out to all equally.

To be clear I wasn't replying to everyone but buzz or to anyone specific. Just in general. And I get all that your saying dude. I'm not on a side. I just want the nonsense to cool down is all.

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