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Re: Which do you feel is most likley

Olorin wrote:

When was the last time they were in Australia anyway?

*never mind, I remember mimegate in 2010 16

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Re: Which do you feel is most likley

monkeychow wrote:
misterID wrote:

Maybe I'm naive 16

This does feel different now. The whole vibe of the band seems different now. Ever since DJ came on board. I think there's a real possibility.

You have a good point. Everything has been running as it "should" this tour too, band is on time, the iclips, making appearances, even Axl did an interview.

Seems like if the band was ever going to revert back to "normal" programming and drop an album it would be at the moment.

It's also a fair point that if 2 promoters say it then it might be in the press release.

I probably shouldn't have been quite so cynical come to think of it.

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Re: Which do you feel is most likley

Having worked in journalism, I'd just point out that it is entirely possible the second newspaper article was just picking up on the comments made in the first one. Chinese whispers…

Re: Which do you feel is most likley

Sky Dog wrote:

tool fans are as crazy as Gnr fans...from Tool newsletter

Why do you suppose it is that some Tool fans are so negative? Bleak winter surroundings? Medications? Bee in the bonnet? When the small winter tour was first announced, some were bummed out about the news, thinking that a new tour was merely another distraction that would keep the band members from working on the new record. When I countered that the tour would be the perfect opportunity for all four band members to work together on new material (which they have been, with very positive results, thank you), these same people then started complaining about the set-list most likely being the same as the previous tour. Once they found out that the band was, in fact, playing several songs that they haven't performed live in many years, these same people (for some reason) decided in their minds that Tool were only doing this as a token offering before calling it quits for good. That's right, a mini tour in the secondary markets with a few older tunes and they might as well break up. JEEZ!!! Nothing could be farther from the truth.

and this is funny about getting backstage passes.....

For those who haven't figured it out, the DayQuil-induced January newsletter is essentially about how so many people will go to such great lengths to try and acquire a backstage pass, not realizing that even if they SOMEHOW managed to get one, a Tool after show is not the Shangri-la many think it to be. Far from it. In fact, you'd have a better chance of meeting Maynard at a Buford, Wyoming Laundromat than backstage at a Tool show.

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Re: Which do you feel is most likley

RussTCB wrote:


Re: Which do you feel is most likley

Sky Dog wrote:

Mother Goose is good friends with the Tool guys as well.

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Re: Which do you feel is most likley

otto wrote:

On a related note, Frank played with Tool on February 1st.

Re: Which do you feel is most likley

Sky Dog wrote:

cool...and that is a badass song as well

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