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Re: Vegas Concert Broadcast November 9th (SiriusXM Radio)

buzzsaw wrote:

For some reason Axl seems to sound better when you're there than on bootlegs.  I think he's buried a bit in the mix at the venue, though I can't say that with 100% certainty and I can't say why that doesn't happen on the boots.

At the Wednesday show, he sounded pretty good, but there were absolutely times where I could barely hear him.

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Re: Vegas Concert Broadcast November 9th (SiriusXM Radio)

faldor wrote:
highvoltage wrote:

The show started with so much promise, but Axl lost a lot of puff a few songs in. It was a real shame.

I think it's a good sign that he's improving again though, Jungle was a treat to listen to. If he can just get a little more consistency throughout a show, we'll be in business.

In saying all that, I'd say he sounded more or less spot on to people there on the night.

I thought he sounded pretty solid and the stream was good quality.  Then again, I'm not the harshest critic around. smile

All I know is I raked my leaves for 2 plus hours listening to the concert and had a blast.  That's saying something. 9

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