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Re: The Definitive Chinese Democracy Leaks Thread

otto wrote:
AxlRoseCalifornia wrote:

Hey Guys!

I didn't have an opportunity to do this on MYGNR because i got banned, but i wanted to do it anyway and i'm sure it will reach people if i do it here.

I made up this plan of having received a cd with 8 songs from someone who wanted me to leak this songs. I took that idea from one of MSL videos of the past, even though he didn't really do that in the end.

In any case i want to public apologize to any GNR fan that for a minute there believed me, or even for those who didn't believe me from the start.
I know i have done things like this in the past, and even though i don't mean anything bad with it, i know people are tired of it and i pissed off a lot people that usually posts on GNR forums.

What can i say... i've been so eager for new songs, new albums and all that comes along with it, and being a GNR fan is very frustrating, as GNR fans we never see a light of hope at the end of the tunnel. All we see is a very blurry road and we expect a day where a miracle will happen and an announcement is made.

With this i'm not blaming GNR or anyone for that matter, for my actions.. Even though i thought there were people that were a little out of hand with insults, threatening of Lawsuits, wishes that i would die (?!) which are beyond unacceptable and a bit low and which shows some kind of fanatism which i might have shown with my actions as well, i have to say that my actions are totally unacceptable and i'm truly sorry for it.
I'm not doing this for some kind of "clean face" reasons, but only because i really felt that i did something wrong.

Anyways take it as you wish to take it, but i apologize to all GNR fans for my actions!

Thank You for reading!
God Bless
Andre Correia

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Re: The Definitive Chinese Democracy Leaks Thread

Scabbie wrote:
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Re: The Definitive Chinese Democracy Leaks Thread

Will wrote:

Updated ottos post with ARC's message smile

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Re: The Definitive Chinese Democracy Leaks Thread

faldor wrote:

So he was lying the whole time?  Shocking!

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