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Re: Axl Rose joins AC/DC

monkeychow wrote:

He just smashed out Whole Lot of Rosie and Riff Raff at cochella...sounded better than the GNR songs imo.

I think it will be awesome. If unexpected!

Mama's Good Boy
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Re: Axl Rose joins AC/DC

Its no mystery to me why Axl put so much more effort into the ACDC songs.   He knows his replacing Brian is not going over well.     He knows that ACDC fans are probably watching this very closely.. and if they weren't, they are now that Angus appeared with them.

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Re: Axl Rose joins AC/DC

apex-twin wrote:

This is actually a long thing.

AC/DC’s European stadium stops begin on May 7 in Lisbon, Portugal and run through June 12 in Aarhus, Denmark. Those cities and dates are included below. Following that, Axl Rose will head out on his previously announced summer reunion tour with Guns N’ Roses, dubbed “Not In This Lifetime …” AC/DC’s 10 earlier postponed U.S. summer dates will also be rescheduled with Rose as frontman.

05/07 - 06/12: Axl/DC Euro stadium tour
06/23 - 08/22: Guns US stadium tour
09/xx - 10/xx: Axl/DC US stadium tour

Should be interesting. As is the AC/DC machine.

In the last couple of years, Malcolm Young, [AC/DC] leader and rhythm guitarist, was forced to depart, stricken by dementia... without Young, they recorded the perfectly serviceable Rock or Bust album; Phil Rudd, their drummer, was ditched, having become embroiled in a court case that saw him sentenced to home detention...  with Rudd displaced they went on tour and were as thrilling as ever.

AC/DC announced that Johnson had been advised to stop touring, or risk “total hearing loss”. The group said 10 US dates would be rescheduled, “likely with a guest vocalist”, and that was it. Never the most forthcoming of groups – Malcolm’s dementia was admitted only when news outlets began to report it – they have made no further statement about their future.

Axl feels right at home with Angus' press policy.

They’d already long ceased to be a group who made records because they couldn’t stop themselves – a mere five albums since 1990 – and who played live only on long worldwide jaunts off the back of those records. They had entered the realms of those groups for whom each album was a potential return to form, rather than a new landmark. It’s not that they were making bad records, more that no one was turning to Black Ice or Ballbreaker instead of Back in Black or Highway to Hell. They were making records, and touring, to keep the business ticking over.

Funny Black Ice is mentioned as a 'fodder' release. That album was hard rock's high-water mark in 2008 sales and CD's closest equivalent. Shows how far off the field Axl was, musically, and CD obviously gets comparatively more spins than Black Ice among the fans.

The Rock or Bust Tour was the most attended of 2015 with 2.3 million tickets sold, and the second most lucrative of the year behind Taylor Swift's The 1989 World Tour, grossing US$180 million. -src

They pay Axl an insane amount of money to keep the show on the road, is my guess.

If I believed AC/DC were likely to go into the studio the minute this tour was over, that more than anything they wanted to remain a working band, I’d be delighted to hear of them recruiting a new singer. But given the gaps between albums these days, I can’t see that being a possibility. If I believed they were simply desperate to keep on playing until the dying of the light, I’d be happy for them. Yet they only play live for albums, so it’s hard to believe they live for the show. Instead, a new singer would just be a way to keep the show on the road, whatever that show might be.

Well, that would be something. Axl releasing albums with Guns and AC/DC.

Hard-rock bands are uniquely capable of sustaining themselves in the face of a high turnover of members: when I spoke to David Coverdale last year, he was surprised to learn that he had employed 39 different musicians to fill out the lineups of Whitesnake. It’s a testimony to the strength of their brands that such acts are able to do this.

However, those bands that have are often dependent on a single charismatic member, who embodies the band and the brand, or are those whose careers are not, perhaps, what they were. History is not replete with examples of stadium-filling member bands retaining their status once they have adopted conveyor-belt membership. The nearest comparison I can think of is Queen, and they are a jukebox act now. Only their decision to hire Adam Lambert saw them regain their live-act status.

In that case, Axl's pulled out a Brian May by acquiring two former members and reinstating the Guns brand to a stadium level.

Re: Axl Rose joins AC/DC

johndivney wrote:

Those 10 US dates to be announced would seem to put the kibosh on any later summer European GnR jaunt, if it was even still a possibility.
The rumoured residency in London & Germany could maybe still work around the Axl/DC (copyright Monkeychow) dates..

Re: Axl Rose joins AC/DC

AtariLegend wrote:

How's this for brutal?

Johnson 'Kicked To Kerb' As Axl Joins AC/DC
AC/DC's Brian Johnson is reportedly dismayed at confirmation he has been replaced by Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose.

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson feels "kicked to the kerb" after the band confirmed he had been replaced by Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose for the rest of their tour.

Johnson has been warned he will suffer total hearing loss if he continues performing and AC/DC said they "respect" the singer's decision to bow out.

But Johnson has reportedly voiced dismay at his swift exit.

US comedian and radio host Jim Breuer said he had talked to Johnson, and that he felt "kicked to the kerb" by his bandmates.

In a statement posted on their website, the band said: "AC/DC band members would like to thank Brian Johnson for his contributions and dedication to the band throughout the years.

"We wish him all the best with his hearing issues and future ventures.

"As much as we want this tour to end as it started, we understand, respect and support Brian's decision to stop touring and save his hearing.

"We are dedicated to fulfilling the remainder of our touring commitments to everyone that has supported us over the years, and are fortunate that Axl Rose has kindly offered his support to help us fulfil this commitment.

"AC/DC will resume their Rock Or Bust World Tour with Axl Rose joining on vocals."

Johnson also reportedly told Jim Breuer that he does not believe his hearing problems are as serious as announced by the band.

AC/DC kick off the European leg of their tour on 7 May in Lisbon, Portugal, before arriving in the UK on 4 June.

They will play the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, and the Etihad Stadium in Manchester on 9 June.

The European leg will conclude in Denmark on 12 June and Rose will then return to Guns N' Roses for the Not In This Lifetime summer stadium tour.

AC/DC were forced to postpone the North American leg of their tour last month because of Johnson's hearing issues.

Those 10 shows will now be rescheduled with Rose, the band said.

Johnson, 68, known for his punishing vocal style, is not an original member of AC/DC, joining after singer Bon Scott died in 1980 after a night of heavy drinking.

Source: … oins-ac-dc

Sky News for those outside the UK is the closest thing to Fox News here in the UK outside of Fox News (which is apparently the only subscription based news channel in the UK now as of recently), same hierarchy, but alot tamer though.

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Re: Axl Rose joins AC/DC

Neemo wrote:

I listened to rff raff sounds pretty good to me

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Re: Axl Rose joins AC/DC

monkeychow wrote:

Thanks for the post Atari - but I wonder if that article is passing off the original Jim Breuer comments as new info.

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Re: Axl Rose joins AC/DC

tejastech08 wrote:

You gotta admit "Axl/DC" has a much better ring to it than "nu-GNR." I wonder if Angus will consider official merchandise with the Axl/DC logo. axl

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Re: Axl Rose joins AC/DC

Olorin wrote:

AC/DC fans are going bananas but I'm quite excited to hear this, think I'll make the trip down to Manchester and see it first hand. Was thinking Axl might struggle with Brians songs but hearing him singing You Shook Me should be pretty awesome!

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Re: Axl Rose joins AC/DC


And pretty excited because i love ACDC too.
Brings memories back, like passing out after a tequila shots drinking contest YEAAARS ago...

In fact, im glad.

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