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Re: Chris Cornell dead

wasted wrote:

Nirvana blew up sort of just because Kurt liked The Beatles. That wasn’t really a cool thing in 90. But About A Girl in Bleach is way more commercial and catchy than most stuff on Sub Pop. So when the idea for Nevermind was Sabbath meets Beatles that really puts something on the cards. Every other band had a less commercial element. Either too metal or punk. Mudhoney didn’t even sign to a major label, but they still had overtly rude lyrics. I remember hearing Lithium in an amusement park. There’s no cursing or caustic lyrics, it’s like a nursery rhyme. The arty lyrics make you feel like you are in on something but they are also less offensive than Touch me I’m Sick. And Nirvana was kind of uplifting, whereas Soundgarden and Alice are sort of depressing and serious. There was a cute dorky Ramones thing to Nirvana especially on Nevermind. I think there’s a heavy pop element to Guns and Nirvana and Faith No More.

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Re: Chris Cornell dead

Neemo wrote:

Cornell's daughter singing hungerstrike

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Re: Chris Cornell dead

PaSnow wrote:

Heard this  Yeah she definitely has his voice.  Cool rendition as well.

Did u see any of Post Malone do a Nirvana tribute?  Was ok from what I saw

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