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Re: So GNR played Rock In Rio yesterday...

Sky Dog wrote:

Ok…maybe! Live and Let Die is short, sweet, and it rocks. Knockin’ should be kept to around 5 minutes and then move on. Nobody in their right mind wants 10-12 minutes of fluff. I’m thinking ‘88 Marquee KOHD….definitely need something like that in the set.

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Re: So GNR played Rock In Rio yesterday...

slashsfro wrote:
James wrote:

It's that popular.

After 1989-90 I never cared for it but it has to stay.

It's not even a Dylan song's GNR.

I too don't care for it either. Only the 1989-90 versions  because they rocked and had a more raw feeling to it.  I'd probably add It's so Easy as another one that gets played nightly and is an essential.  Probably on the list/tier w/Patience, YCBM etc.  Maybe Nightrain and Brownstone too but those are more my personal opinion.

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