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Re: Bach talks about Axl on Angel Down

monkeychow wrote:

Ont thing thats true about that update...Johnny Chromatic is insanely good on guitar! Awesome live.

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Re: Bach talks about Axl on Angel Down

jac185 wrote:

Now he's bringing up Axl even when not prompted in the first question of interviews? It is becoming a bit much.

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Re: Bach talks about Axl on Angel Down

DoubleTalkingJive wrote:

I am sure he gives the guy credit on the album.   I don't know who this guitarist is maybe he figures no one knows him but I really think Axl is just his guy, that friend that you mention constantly.

I have to disagree. Baz is obviously using Axl being on the album to drive this thing. I think that's hard for anyone to dispute at this point.

Seriously, does anybody on this forum have a friend that they bring up in converstaion this often ? It's especially weird for a 40 yr old guy to be doing this. It seems to me that aside from Axl having vocals on the album, Baz doesn't appear to be too confident about the actual material. I used to really like Baz because of his work with Skid Row, but since all this Axl ass kissing started, it's really made me lose alot of respect for him.


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