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Re: 'Sorry' - Confessions of a Bi-Polar Disorder

well I still think it's about not just Slash but others as well,like I have said before it could be about anyone.

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Re: 'Sorry' - Confessions of a Bi-Polar Disorder

Furbush wrote:

that is deep, sic... and prolly closer to the truth than some would like to believe... ya see... some of us hardcore oldschool guys remember watching "making fucking videos"....
axl's a nut... never take his lyrics( or action, for that matter) at face value.. there is almost always something going on other than the obvious...
i really wish axl would submit to an interview... i'd like to hear some explanations regarding lyrical content.. yer more than likely spot on, sic....

A Private Eye
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Re: 'Sorry' - Confessions of a Bi-Polar Disorder

Interesting theory sic. could well be, although I'm more inclined to think this song is directed at certain people than Axl vs his inner demon(s). One of the reasons I wonder about it being directed at specific people is that 'I don't want to do it' line. It's undoubtedly sung in a different voice to the rest of the track and I think it's deliberate, I think he was aiming for a spanish foreign type voice. My personal thought is that perhaps it's what someone specifically said to him once (spanish sounding voice...Beta anyone?) or he said it to someone in that accent and he's used it in the track. I'm betting there's at least one person out there who got that particular line more than we maybe ever will.

I really hope Axl opens up about these songs, the sooner the better, I'd really like to know what they're all about from his point of view and what he intended with each one. It'll be a fascinating read. 

It is sensational though, I'm glad a true A grade track remained unleaked until now.

Re: 'Sorry' - Confessions of a Bi-Polar Disorder

Sky Dog wrote:
Bono wrote:

I've been thinking the song is directed at alot of people throughout. At points it sounds like a direct assault on Slash and at others it sounds like he's hitting the media with it. Somtimes he sounds like he's talking about the fans.  Really it sounds like who he's directing it changes with just about every line though the chouruse sounds like it fits most with the fans it could be about all three.

It's an intersting theory you bring up Sic but I don't agree with it. I think the song is just about how Axl is gonna do things his way and alot of people don't like it and have talked alot and said alot and this is Axl's response.  He's sorry for all of us but feels he's done right by himself.

the major flaw in my theory is that Axl would have to give a shit about his fans and I dont' think he cares enough one way or another to write about us.

Whoever it's about it's fucking amazing. best new song I've heard ina  LONG time. I love it.

On a  side note the lyric "no where to put your shut up and sing" is wrong. he actually says "You know where to put your shut up and sing" Sounds to me like he's telling someone to shove it up their ass.  Fuck. I might have to doa  lyric by lyric analysis too:haha:

I think he is going at the fans as well...and Slash, and probably a few others. 16

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