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Re: U2 - Acoustic Achtung Babies

Bono wrote:
The Bono wrote:

“We’ve had the best three weeks in the studio since 1979"

roll I take nothing Bono says seriously when it come to the band recording ne albums. I don't like his hype and I hate how he says before every album these days that they need to create a masterpiece to stay relevant. Seriously U2 is beyond the point of needing to compete with today's top selling artists. Forget trying to appeal to the Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Drake, Katy Perry crowd. Just fucking make a U2 record that makes themselves happy and it'll be great. I really worry that U2(especially Bono) is way too concerned with being top 40 good these days that they lose sight of what's important. They need to forget about what anyone else wants and just do what inspires them and makes them happy.  At this stage their fans just want a great record not a record that compares to the current crop of pop artists. U2 will remain a touring juggernaut so the album success isn't nearly as important as Bono makes it out to be. Shit they'll sell 3 million copies guaranteed based on fanbase alone whatever comes after that is gravy. Just dont' fucking sell out your sound to sell records.

The fact they have an entire album worth of songs ready to go called Songs of Ascent that was supposed to come out in late 2009 but was clearly put on hold because of the lackluster sales of No Line says it all. I really worry that at this stage of their career their priorities may be misplaced.

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