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Re: how are the shows selling this time around?

Sky Dog wrote:

they are making a lot of money right now and don't give me the bullshit that Axl said in the lawsuit that they are losing money argument. He says that because he is trying to defend a lawsuit. It doesn't mean it is true.

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Re: how are the shows selling this time around?

faldor wrote:

Yeah I can't see how they're possibly losing money at this point unless they're raking up some hefty late fees for not starting the shows very promptly.  They've been pretty consistently on this list for the past couple months, ie. whenever they've been playing shows.  And that will continue until they stop playing the shows.  Guys are lining their pockets finally.  Well deserved after all the downtime and years of no action.  Now if they'd just come to the US eventually.

Agreed on playing arenas too.  Even if they aren't selling out like they used to, they still make more money than selling out a smaller venue.

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