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Re: Belfast, Northren Ireland - August 31, 2010 (Odyssey Arena)

Axl4Life wrote:

My pleasure russ!


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Re: Belfast, Northren Ireland - August 31, 2010 (Odyssey Arena)

Aussie wrote:

Great review, glad you had a good time.  Seems like you were in a great spot too.

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Re: Belfast, Northren Ireland - August 31, 2010 (Odyssey Arena)

faldor wrote:

Great review.  Just a quick note on the setlist that the security guy saw.  I'm sure it was just the standard setlist from way back when, it lists pretty much all the songs they COULD play.  I think "Scraped" is second on the list.  But as we know, they've never gone by that setlist, they've played some songs that aren't even on that list, and for the most part they've settled into a pretty standard set.

Re: Belfast, Northren Ireland - August 31, 2010 (Odyssey Arena)

Sky Dog wrote:

Ron looks like a Werewolf...I have been watching too much Trueblood!

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Re: Belfast, Northren Ireland - August 31, 2010 (Odyssey Arena)

Axl4Life wrote:

My Better video is now working! Check this out!

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Re: Belfast, Northren Ireland - August 31, 2010 (Odyssey Arena)

Olorin wrote:

Now I really wish I'd went, they sound incredible in these clips!

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Re: Belfast, Northren Ireland - August 31, 2010 (Odyssey Arena)

jamester wrote:
A4L2.0 wrote:

Okay, so here goes:

Got to the arena for 1:30pm with doors set to open at 6:30pm. We were pretty hungry because we were stuck in traffic on the motorway, so the journey to the Odyssey took 3 hours instead of one and half. Started queing at 2pm and because we decided to go get something to eat first, there was about 10 people in front of us, with the security guards only starting to put up the barriers.

Four hours later, security starts getting ready to let us in. The head of security has the setlist and other show info, and we eventually talked him into seeing it. He would only show us glimpses but said that there was 25 songs in total. He named a few which were, Chinese Democracy, Rocket Queen, Patience, If The World, Better & Paradise City. Anyways, at half 6 exactly they let us in. We had the perfect view of the stage, so things were already looking great:

While we're getting ready for everything to get under way, we start talking to the two security guards that were in front of us. He says that they were just told that "All cameras, including mobile phones are strictly prohibited when Guns N' Roses come on stage. Apparently we were allowed photos of the opening act but thats it. When asked why the security guard said that they were told if they weren't seen enforcing this rule to the best possible standard, Axl would walk off stage. He said it was the strangest brief he's ever heard and that this never usually happens in the Odyssey.

The opening act starts at 7:30pm sharp (as advertised) so things seem to be running really smoothly. The opening act is Danko Jones. Now...words cannot describe how bad this was torture. He sang stupid songs and tried his best James Hetfield impression, constantly reminded us (through song) that he is "Danko Jones." Then he started to rap, and so much other gibberish. It was torture. They played for a full hour, and during their last song a tech guy came over to the bassist with a mobile phone and showed him a they continued to play for another 20 minutes. Putting two and two together, Axl presumably wasn't ready to go on stage yet.... (I must stress that the "highlight" of Danko Jones was Bumblefoot standing at the edge of the stage with an acoustic guitar in the shadows, talking to the guy that was setting up Axl's tent. You could see a little of the inside, it has a clothes rack for all his jackets, with fairy lighting above it, with his Fedora and Cowboy hats above)

Finally, at 8:50pm the slaughter ended. Danko Jones (who was easily the worst band i've ever saw...ever) left the stage. A further 45 minutes later at 10pm the lights went out....a black silouhette in the form of DJ Ashba appeared with one fist in the air. Chinese Democracy had begun!!

Axl lurked out of the shadows with a smirk on his face, and ran straight up to the front of the stage which was instantly awesome!

Immediately at the end of Chinese Democracy the security guard leans over and says "you are allowed cameras now, as long as they're small." Things were looking up..maybe it was a personal reward from Axl for making us sit through the Danko massacre. 18

With 'Jungle' up next, and only one song played, I immediately started to think how awesome Axl's voice was. He ran through the first few classics with such ease.

Axl and the whole band was on fire, but it's now at a point were people are starting to throw things. Someone threw like a small bag or hat (I don't know something soft) and hit Axl right on top of the head. I almost shit myself. His face started to get really angry, as if his eyes didn't say enough, he started to chew his gum extra hard, he seemed to almost be at boiling point, luckily it wasn't while he was singing but as he was walking back from the main part of the stage.

It seemed as if people were trying to provoke a reaction out of him. His voice was on fire but he didn't interact with the audience at all apart from the odd smile or to introduce the band. Every now and again someone would throw a cup or something at him. Someone threw a small backback on the stage whilst he was singing, and he picked it up and put it on him with a little smirk. He saw the funny side of that one, but he was obviously getting frustated with the throwing as the night went on as he just kicked the things off stage with his foot. Someone threw a wet piece of cardboard in front of him and he picked it up and threw it to the side of the stage and it landed right at my feet, after hitting the security man on the head like a wet fish first!

DJ Ashba is one of the coolest motherfuckers on the planet! He was sitting on one of the amps at the edge of the stage and said "anyone got a cigarette?" So someone throws him one...he then says "Anyone got a light?" Instantly he gets bombarded with a dozen lighters and matchstick boxes which everyone (including Axl) got a laugh out of!

Tommy, Richard, DJ, and Ron all aknowledged me at some point in the night which I thought was pretty cool.

Bumblefoots "Pink Panther" solo was awesome! I still don't think many people catch on that he plays a little bit of Estranged in there though...only I (out of the people around me) seemed to notice. hmm

The spectacle was worth seeing alone. With fire, pyrotechnics, sparklers, confetti, and great lighting, the whole show was an experience I'll never forget. Despite the fact I got no autograph this time, I still got to stand as close as possible to the guy who started it all for me and the reason I'm typing this now. Thank YOU Axl and to the rest of the band for putting on such an amazing performance. I say this because they genuinely seemed to be having as much fun up there playing as I was watching. They certainly gave it their all and I respect them all the more for it.

There's not alot more I can say really, apart from the show was totally awesome, and the whole band Rose (no pun intended) way above any expectations I ever had. I personally feel that Axl was on fire, and sounded just as good as his heyday, but I'll let you guys decide that for yourselves as I may be a little biased. As for energy and passion? things for sure, Axl was out to show the world just what he can do in terms of a stage performance -

The show ended with Paradise City with an amazing red confetti/pyro spectacle. An amazing end to the show.

Notes: For some reason, If The World, and Patience was never played, even though they were on the setlist. Would have loved to have heard If The World but meh, you can't have everything.

- Bumblefoot did an amazing instrumental of "Don't Cry."
- Richard Fortus did a really cool instrumental of "The Bond Theme."
- Dizzy did a beautiful improvisation on piano before Street of Dreams.
- Axl did a cool but bizarre version of "Another Brick In The Wall" by Pink Floyd.

Note to the mods: Could one of you guys edit my posts so it shows the youtube videos like it does the pictures. I don't know how to do that. Thanks. smile

Thank you for taking the time to share !  22

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Re: Belfast, Northren Ireland - August 31, 2010 (Odyssey Arena)

Axl4Life wrote:

Some more pics:






And here's the one Bumblefoot took from the stage. I'm small one squashed at the front with the camera. 16


Speaking of Bumble, my friend has an amazing video of the end of Paradise City where he's on his knees shredding, with confetti raining down. It's quite a sight. I'll see if I can get a hold of that.

Re: Belfast, Northren Ireland - August 31, 2010 (Odyssey Arena)

johndivney wrote:
A4L2.0 wrote:

There's not alot more I can say really, apart from the show was totally awesome, and the whole band Rose (no pun intended) way above any expectations I ever had. I personally feel that Axl was on fire

this was my 4th time seeing them since '02 & it was easily the best i've heard axl, probably the best i've ever heard him - live era or bootlegs or tokyo. he really blew me away.
i knew the band would be tight but they have put right a long of dodgy moments they had on the asian tour last christmas. they raised their game & showmanship to try and match axl.
but the guy really gave the kind of performance that you would have hoped for if there wasn't so much shit flying around. if he played & sang, or could play & sing, like that every gig there'd be no complaints about anything. he was really masterful - his voice, timing & his stage presence were at the highest i'd seen them & they didn't drop once. he was great on every single song & just got better & better (which was the song of the night, just about IMO - sorry, til & nov rain pretty close) with each song. even PC was more resplendant that i'd ever experienced or would have dared hope - usually by that stage the voice is shot but in belfast it held perfectly.

honestly, i was blown away by them. any reservations i had about the setlist forget about it (tho i did take a piss/bar break on dizzy/the blues). probably the best GnR experience i've ever had, be that just listenin to their records or seeing them live.

then the following night is probably the worst GnR experience i've ever had.
we can never just have good times with this band. or i can't at least.
but for all the shit, i'll always cherish that belfast gig & it'll be further proof to me & my friends/relations that y'know, axl really can be an exceptionally brilliant performer. & he can be an exceptional performer for less honourable reasons also.

edit: great vid's & pics man! hope a full boot surfaces 'cause it's one of the best GnR gigs this year i reckon..

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Re: Belfast, Northren Ireland - August 31, 2010 (Odyssey Arena)

Axl4Life wrote:

Here's Live & Let Die


Apologies for the crappy video work in this one. One of those moments were there's so much happening on stage you don't know what to look at. I'll see if I can get some more decent ones up tonight after work. Don't have time to search through them all now.

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