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Re: Wiki Leaks

polluxlm wrote:

I get that. My best advice is to just do what makes you happy. For me that's all guns out blazing, but I realize for most it's not.

Re: Wiki Leaks

johndivney wrote:

i used to be like that

then i smoked a load of weed

& now.. i serve myself.

i'd like to have energy to do something.. but.. it's not gonna happen any day soon sad
i am trying. just not very hard.

Re: Wiki Leaks

AtariLegend wrote:

Just as a side note on conspiracy theories, although I don't buy the 9/11 inside job or British Mastermind plot of the IRA tongue.

I'm as an anti Middle Eastern 21st Century wars as it gets and I blame the Church for many war crimes during World War 2.

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