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monkeychow If GNR releases nothing in 2023, is this the end for you?


+ 3 weeks ago
monkeychow How big of a deal was Steven being fired when it happened?

so true

+ 27 weeks ago
monkeychow UYI Box tracklist unveiled?


+ 29 weeks ago
monkeychow Favorite GNR opener?

rasp analysis

+ 30 weeks ago
monkeychow Slash Says Guns N’ Roses Have a ‘Couple of Epic’ Songs to Release

Good call I agree. Not knowing means it wasn\'t just 4 etc.

+ 31 weeks ago
misterID Post Your Pic Thread - Let's see what you look like!


+ 39 weeks ago
Triple H No new single this year?

But dude they\'re gonna play the Super Bowl halftime show.... right? RIGHT!? haha!

+ 39 weeks ago
Triple H Covid 19

exactly. Marketing and propaganda campaigns are the real virus

+ 42 weeks ago
Randall Flagg What is your favorite song on CD?

I still love it, but you’re 100% here

+ 48 weeks ago
mitchejw Current Events Thread


+ 93 weeks ago
Reputation system for PunBB

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