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misterID When’s Hard Skool?


+ 79 weeks ago
polluxlm When’s Hard Skool?

Well said.

+ 79 weeks ago
misterID GN'R 2021 Tour Thread

Lol! You\'re on a roll!

+ 79 weeks ago
monkeychow GN'R 2021 Tour Thread


+ 80 weeks ago
polluxlm When do we hear Hardskool?

Good post.

+ 83 weeks ago
polluxlm Axl's optimism in 2002....

Well said.

+ 83 weeks ago
monkeychow Comerica Park - Detroit MI 08/08/21

Great updates thanks!

+ 84 weeks ago
monkeychow GNR Release 'Absurd' Single

Looks great!

+ 84 weeks ago
dalethirsty Absurd

lmao 10 year song when??

+ 85 weeks ago
FlashFlood What Gn’R related thing still excites you?

Thanks for an idea on a forum that desperately needs one

+ 112 weeks ago
Reputation system for PunBB

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