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James Orlando 7/29/2016

GREAT review

+ 314 weeks ago
James Axl Rose joins AC/DC

great post

+ 319 weeks ago
Furbush Guns N' Roses Reload With a Dependable (and nice?) Frontman

Goddammmit. Sweet Chin Music.

+ 327 weeks ago
misterID DJ ASHBA: AXL ROSE wanted me to be a part of GNR Reunion

DJ still sucks ass!! 16

+ 327 weeks ago
Smoking Guns Corey Feldman needs your money for new album

I feel the exact same. Damn.

+ 327 weeks ago
TheSundanceKid No Going Back

Fucking right man, wow! Such a good post.

+ 330 weeks ago
misterID GNR - VEGAS, T-Mobile Arena Show, 4/8

Dave Grohl, was thinking the same thing!

+ 330 weeks ago
Olorin VIPs at the Troubadour show

Thanks for bringing Amanda Righetti into my life 20

+ 331 weeks ago
James VIPs at the Troubadour show

great points on Mischa

+ 331 weeks ago
misterID Secret show: April 1, L.A.?

Not a reunion. No one in GNR has even uttered the word.

+ 331 weeks ago
Reputation system for PunBB

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