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harmon420 Slash: GNR has not written any new music, everything completed is CD 2

The whole saga in a nutshell. Good points.

+ 16 weeks ago
Randall Flagg Covid 19

Thank you

+ 32 weeks ago
Will Random Chit Chat Thread VII - Cool ranch dressing


+ 41 weeks ago
Randall Flagg Rolling Stones - No Huge, Iconic albums?!?


+ 52 weeks ago
misterID Current Events Thread

Yep, they need Trump worse than any Trumper

+ 57 weeks ago
Randall Flagg Current Events Thread


+ 68 weeks ago
misterID Current Events Thread


+ 68 weeks ago
IRISH OS1R1S Lost my mom..

Onwards and upwards, eh.

+ 69 weeks ago
PaSnow Lost my mom..

Interesting story. Heard bits over the years.

+ 69 weeks ago
IRISH OS1R1S Current Events Thread


+ 71 weeks ago
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