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seba1186 The General and Monsters

excelent comment

+ 33 weeks ago
Yamcha If GNR goes on hiatus, NuGuns should reunite

thank you for all the times you sent links and stuff to me. smile

+ 37 weeks ago
Shacklermyrye The General and Monsters

good to know

+ 37 weeks ago
Gagarin The General and Monsters

I never thought of it that way. Well said.

+ 37 weeks ago
Will Me And My Elvis Instrumental Leak (2019)

+1 just because I love Prometheus big_smile

+ 37 weeks ago
slcpunk The General confirmed next

Ahhhh, feels like old times!

+ 37 weeks ago
Chris Piss 2023 Tour Dates

Same braying points over and fucking over

- 40 weeks ago
TheSundanceKid The General confirmed next

Great post.

+ 45 weeks ago
exoterica 2023 Tour Dates

Awesome video thanks for posting

+ 45 weeks ago
guts The General confirmed next

Spot on post

+ 45 weeks ago
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